Words: Matt Maric
Photos: James Proctor

Fans of all ages were lining up down Little Bourke Street as they waited for 170 Russell to open their doors for the second Millencolin/Goldfinger show; whilst they were made to wait past the official opening time, all that did was build anticipation! Once fans made their way down the stairs and only the dedicated made their way to the rail, both the bar and the merchandise table were getting some serious business.

Kicking off the night was Melbourne’s own The Lazy Susans, who whilst they only had a small portion of the stage to work in showed HUGE stage presence! This four piece consisting of Antonia Susan (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Kieren Turnbull (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals), Wesley Reyes (Bass) & Ashlee Giblin (Drums) made the most of their time as they performed a very tight and professional set that set the bar for the rest of the night. Only breaking for a few small moments of Susan either thanking everyone who came down early or mentioning that their music was on Spotify, The Lazy Susans showcased why they are a band that Melbournians should support and get behind!

As the crowd grew larger and more people made their way into the pit, fans were most eager for Goldfinger to grace the stage; unfortunately that didn’t happen until fifteen minutes later than planned. This delayed start however meant that Jordy Feldmann and co kicked off the set with Spokesman and the intensity was balls to the wall from the get go; also in case you haven’t heard, Goldfinger are supporting a special guest on guitar in the one and only Chris Cheney! The hits kept coming hard and fast as Million Miles led into Counting The Days, where Feldmann informed everyone “this is a punk song, so let’s get this pit moving”.

Before kicking off into ska hit Get Up, Feldmann introduced two horn players from Melbourne, before ordering everyone to keep moving! The energy from both within the pit and also on stage someone kept lifting to another level, as Bedroom, Knife and Tijuana came and went in a blur of crowd surfers, but also Feldmann walking on people out into the pit and crowd-surfing back to stage! At one point in the set Feldmann has turned to bassist Mike Herrera (of MXPX fame) and told a knock-knock joke: “Knock Knock” “Who’s there?” “Smelly Mop” “Smelly Mop who?” “Sorry, I have kids” which has gotten a head shake and chuckle from everyone within the venue, as well as later turning to the audience and trying to get a singalong competition to see came out on top. Even though “the right side has an advantage because it’s my dominant hand, the left side wins because it’s the hand I masturbate with!”

Throwing in a cover of Just Like Heaven by The Cure for good measure, Feldmann and co made sure the audience were alive by shifting into gear for the last two songs of their set in Open Your Eyes and Superman, before expressing their love to the crowd for one last time and leaving the stage. Fans however wanted more and started chanting “one more song” and it wasn’t long before the stage was filled again and the set closed with Goldfinger’s version of 99 Red Balloons.

Whilst bodies had been flying and those in the pit were already battered and bruised, the excitement kept raising as it got teasingly closer and closer for Millencolin to kick off their set! The lights dimmed, the roar rocked the walls and the same four guys who walked out on Australian soil for the first time in 1996, walked out tonight and were completely blown away by the response. Kicking off the show with title track of their newest album “S.O.S”, fans off all ages were being catered to as Penguins & Polarbears, Fingers Crossed, Sense & Sensibility and Fox blasted throughout 170 Russell. Security most definitely had their work cut out for them, as bodies were flying from the opening chords and didn’t look like slowing down at any stage! Nikola Šarčević has taken some time to introduce his fellow bandmates in Mathias Färm, Erik Ohlsson and Fredrik Larzon, with the former having been blurs on stage, before mentioning how “Perth’s show was about a 2, Adelaide was about a 3 and you guys are at about a 12!”

A mixture of old and new songs kept flying as Twenty Two, Sour Days and Olympic kept the bodies flying both across the pit and around in circles, before Šarčević commented that we could all take a break and catch our breath during The Ballad; this was instantly counter-balanced by a crowdsurfer flying over the pit during the speech! This resulted in Šarčević chuckling at the situation before The Ballad was completed and Farewell My Hell, True Brew and Lozin Must followed suit, which was filled with lots of on screen energy being matched and raised by the whirling mass in the pit. Nothing, Pepper and Mr. Clean drew the set to a close and as lights dimmed, those in attendance let be known they weren’t completely satisfied and started chanting “one more song!”

Thankfully those in attendance weren’t kept waiting too long, as Šarčević and co ran back out on stage and kicked off their encore with Egocentric Man, to the huge cheer of everyone. Classic hit Ray made the way for newer song Yanny & Laurel, as the bodies and hits kept flying; Bullion was followed by Duckpond and No Cigar, before drawing the set to a close with Black Eye.

If you haven’t already gotten tickets to the tour, make sure you don’t pass up this opportunity or you’ll regret it!

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Penguins & Polarbears
Fingers Crossed
Sense & Sensibility
Twenty Two
Sour Days
The Ballad
Farewell My Hell
True Brew
Lozin Must
Mr. Clean
Egocentric Man
Yanny & Laurel

The Lazy Susans