It’s not too long now before New Zealand’s Alien Weaponry make their way across the Tasman and not only head out on tour, but also make appearances at Download Sydney and Melbourne! Whilst being in the final lead-up to touring, drummer Henry de Jong was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to speak about the upcoming visit.

First topic of conversation was about being invited to perform at Download and de Jong was quick to express “we’re absolutely stoked. Looking at the line-up and looking at how people are reacting, it should be a really good festival to play; plus we just can’t wait to play for you guys! I think we were at home when we got an email from our touring agent saying “you guys are going to be playing Download, as you’re free on this date. Plus we’ve also set up these other gigs for you”, so we’re really stoked which makes for a really exciting time.”

Delving further into the fact Alien Weaponry are hitting the road, the conversation moved onto the selection process of support bands; de Jong explained “that was entirely a band decision to get Copia and Seas of Conflict playing with us! We’ve done shows with Seas of Conflict before; they’re really great musicians who write really great music and fit really well with what we do. We actually met Copia last year when we were both playing Metaldays in Slovenia, as we ended up camping near each other; we had a listen, went and saw their show and fell in love. Both are really great bands and if people are coming to the shows, they NEED to be coming to see the support acts; they’re bands you’re not wanting to miss out on!”

Unfortunately at time of the interview, the Perth show hadn’t had the support acts locked in; de Jong elaborates how “Perth has been a bit of a tricky one, as the guys haven’t been able to follow us across. Whilst we are still looking, we do have a couple of bands in our sights so we’re just working out who we want on the bill. Regardless of who it is, I’m sure they’re going to be a good fit with what we do; we try to pick bands that our fans will also like as much as we do.”

Coming back to talk about performing at Download alongside such huge names, de Jong delivered a small insight into the fan side of both himself and brother Lewis as he quipped “Lewis and I are definitely looking forward to seeing Alice In Chains; they’re a childhood favourite of ours, so it will be interesting to see how they’ve aged and if they’re as good as a few years back! But generally speaking we like to look through the line-up and pick out bands that we’ve never heard of, before listening to them on YouTube and deciding on whether we want to go see them; we’re just going to be chilling and taking it easy on the day.

As the interview drew to a close, the final topic of conversation was surrounding whether trio had been talking about creating a follow up album to ‘Tū’; de Jong was quick to deliver an insight that will make fans around the world extremely happy:

“We’ve been writing new stuff for our second album earlier this month; plus there were a few concept ideas that didn’t make it onto ‘Tū’ that we’ve been looking into again. Hopefully we can get some new music out relatively soon as we not only want to keep things fresh for the band, we also don’t want to suffer the fate of being an one album band; so make to keep your eyes out over the next 2-3 month for news!”