Regional Victoria’s premier heavy metal fundraising festival, Beyond Black, is set to send their message of mental health awareness to Melbourne this year. In addition to the highly successful Ballarat show, this year will introduce an evening at the Bendigo Hotel, with all funds raised donated to beyondblue.

Beyond Black will be played at the Eastern Station in Ballarat on the 22nd of March and The Benidgo Hotel in Collingwood on the 23rd of March.

Raising over $5000 for beyondblue over the past two years, the festival aims to shed some light on mental health issues, particularly in the arts.

Event organiser Liam ‘Frosty’ Frost-Camilleri of Resist Promotions said, “Many of the people I speak to about this topic either know somebody, or are themselves suffers of mental health problems and they use heavy metal as a way to deal with it.”

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Queensland, Dr. Genevieve Dingle and an honours student Leah Sharman who found that there is a calming element to extreme forms of music, helping participants feel the full gamut of their emotions and becoming more relaxed as a result.

A second study conducted by Sydney’s Macquarie University found that people who enjoyed aggressive music, such as heavy metal, could use the music to discharge or distract their negative feelings and generate positive affirmation.

Mr. Frost-Camilleri has planned many heavy metal festivals over the last few years including Blister and Blaze, but says there is something special about Beyond Black; “These big burly metal heads get together and chat about their feelings and how difficult things have been. They rock out and feel better for the experience and it’s just great.”

Beyond Black will showcase 16 heavy metal bands who are all offering their time free of charge:
Dreadnaught | Blunt Shovel | The Eternal | I Am Duckeye | Envenomed | Demonhead | Fall and Resist | Rituals | The Ascended | Voros | ANKL | Upon World’s End | Eyeohcane| Skull Fork

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