Extreme metal kings with an extremely passionate approach and dedication to their music, Byron Bay’s From Crisis To Collapse have just released their long awaited debut EP ‘The Seventh Tree’ and let me tell you, it was very much worth the wait. From Crisis To Collapse’s music is not only heavy as hell and delivered by extremely talented musicians but it also confronts topics and issues that are important and prominent in today’s society. If you are looking for a band that makes music for the right reasons, you’ve found one in these guys. Forming in 2015, they have gone from strength to strength and having recently signed with Art Is War Records, they just keep on moving up.  ‘The Seventh Tree’ is a musical art piece and was recorded by Chris Ross at Pulpitation Studios Brisbane and mastered by Chris Collier at CMC 21 Productions.

Crisis opens the EP, this track was originally called From Crisis To Collapse which is how the band got their name. This track was released independently as a single via Pulpitation Studios and is a perfect opening track for the EP. The lyrics are quite political and all about standing up for people’s rights which is a big part of what From Crisis To Collapse are all about. I feel like this is a signature song for the guys, it’s fast paced, heavy on the drums and gets your heart pumping straight off the bat.

Track two Turning The Gun is another fast paced, heavy hitting, in your face kind of track. With relentless blast beats that have your heart pumping and your head banging within seconds. From Crisis To Collapse are an extremely tight live band and listening to tracks like this one just makes me itch to see them live again because as technical as it is in places, I know they will deliver it faultlessly and with all the passion and energy that fans know, love and expect from the band.

Dimitri is another one of the bands well known tracks and one of my personal favourites. I feel like having it at track three on the EP is a perfect choice. Cutting straight to the chase with vocals, drums, guitars and bass all kicking in with no delay from the very beginning of this track, it is pure quality heavy metal. Slow Burn slows things down a little at the beginning of the track but only for a minute before the brutal vocal and heavy guitars, bass and drums blast your ears. There’s a drop/break in this track that gets my blood pumping too. A new film clip for Slow Burn has just been released and it is perfectly suited to the song, watching it adds to the energy the song itself creates.

To be completely honest, track five, No Promises doesn’t grab me as much as the other tracks. It is by no means bad but I feel like it creates slightly less of an impact as the other tracks do, nothing wrong with that, it is just not quite as intense. Rolling straight into Lift The Veil which packs a punch by starting off hard and fast and grabs my extreme metal loving heart again. The final track is Crystals Are Us which was released as a single a few weeks back along with a lyric video, this is by far one of my absolute favourite tracks from these guys ever. There is something about the opening softness with that bass line leading into the lyrics “Wake up, get the fuck up…” The beginning of this track almost reminds me of Cog until the vocals kick in and then it is more like something from Lamb Of God which is a band I can hear a strong influence from throughout the EP.

From Crisis To Collapse are Angus Carter on vocals, Ian Konrad and Chad Ellis on guitars, Unai Aldecoa on bass and Marco Penniello on drums; together they have created a band that grab you from the moment you discover them and their new release ‘The Seventh Tree’ is a perfect example of the high quality music these five musicians can create together. I highly recommend you check it out now. You can listen to it on all digital music platforms and you can purchase a physical copy of the EP HERE.