So it is officially 6 sleeps before Swedish punk legends Millencolin make their way back to our shores once again and kick off a seven show tour in Adelaide; the reason for this trip? Their 9th studio album ‘S.O.S’, which became available for purchase February 15th via Epitaph Records!

Taking highly valuable time out of his last minute preparations for the upcoming trip, lead guitarist Mathias Färm kicked off the interview by enthusiastically starts off the interview with “we’re always excited about going to Australia! Australia is a special place for us; it was the first place we went outside of Scandinavia back in 1996, so we’ve been coming there for a long time. Australia has always been great to us, so we always try to start off the new album touring in Australia…mainly because it’s summer there now and it’s winter here, so it’s good timing” before closing with a small chuckle.

Whilst quite a few bands recently are celebrating 25+ years of being together, it is almost impossible to find a band that has done it without anyone leaving; Millencolin are one of that elite club. When the band’s longevity and eagerness to tour/create new music was raised, Färm points out “after we released ‘True Brew’, we’ve been touring non-stop as the world is so big. When I realised it was three years since we last visited Australia, it has only felt like one year in a way; it’s kinda weird as it’s been four years since we released ‘True Brew’ and for the last three years we’ve just been touring. It’s an easy thing for us to make new stuff, because we’re so happy that we can still be able to do this. We appreciate that we can be in a band and tour for our job; it’s the best thing you can do!”

As soon as the tour was announced, tickets were flying off the proverbial shelves; Melbourne’s show on the Wednesday sold out so quick that a second show for the Tuesday was announced almost immediately! Färm was very humbled when talking about this fact as he explained “it’s amazing because it’s important, as you never know when it’s been three years. For me three years for me felt like a year, but for some people it might feel like a lifetime! It’s great to be able to draw that kind of crowd again and you can’t take it for granted; plus you’re always nervous when you book a new tour, as you don’t know how it’s going to do. However I think there’s at least two more that are sold out, but I don’t know which ones (laughs) We’re aiming for a sold out tour and it’s looking really promising!”

Färm then delivered an unexpected insight into the difference that playing a sold out show can bring mentally as he points out “the last couple of years we’ve been playing a lot of festival shows in Europe and Sweden, but it’s more fun to play your own show. You know when you have one or two thousand people there, they’re there to see your band and it’s a much better feeling. At a festival there may be a lot more people, but a fair percentage might be hearing you for the first time; playing your own sold out club show is the best feeling you can get!”

Taking the opportunity to try and pick Färm’s brain about what fans can expect to see on the upcoming first shows of the ‘S.O.S’ world tour cycle, Färm gave a peek through the window by stating “we’re going to play about twenty five songs live but only four or five are from ‘S.O.S’, as we also have a lot of old songs to play. Whilst I can’t really say much as it’s a surprise, I can say it will be a good mix of songs from our career; after all, we have so many songs to choose from! We’ve been a band for a long time and there’s a lot of music” and ending with a laugh, before delivering another fantastic insight into the behind the scenes working:

“When you release an album with twelve songs for example, you know that probably five of those songs will never get played again. Not because they are bad songs, but there are other songs that are just better out of the twelve. You know what songs you are going to perform; for example, there are songs we recorded back in 1992 that we’ve never played live but they’re recorded! It’s also a cool thing to pick out a couple of songs that people haven’t heard before and do them…so there may be a couple of old songs never heard before because we’re never played them live before!”

Drawing the interview to a close, Färm quickly expressed “we’re just looking forward to meeting all the fans again and trying to stay around to meet people after the shows. Plus we’re super keen to play the shows and enjoy the Australian weather; February is the worst winter month for us and we’ve had a lot of snow!”