Nine studio albums in and it seems that Millencolin can do absolutely no wrong. In their typical punk ways, the Swedish rockers give us a hard, fast and politically intense album that has come to be expected from the band who are internationally loved.

With the name SOS, its definitely a call to show that the band is saying that we need a change. We need to save our souls in this current political climate. This is heavily shown in the track of the same name ‘SOS’. It seems thaat Millencolin are not leaving anything behind for this release and they are adamant to air all the political dirty laundry.

There is a track that’s also a homage to one of 2018’s biggest memes while also keeping with their view points with ‘Yanny & Laurel’. It doesn’t really touch on the meme much other other than pointing out how two sides with similar ideals but think are different won’t see eye to eye yet it’s still fun to see the meme world and music world colliding.

Yet when it comes to political names for songs, there’s nothing more on the nose than ‘Trumpets & Poutine’. A major play on Trump and Putin and does it hit ever note correct. Pushing that Trump is really just a puppet and there is more behind the scenes, if you do support Trump, you wouldn’t be a fan of this song.

Infact, this whole album is pretty much how the whole world sees America’s current political climate and how we wish for change. The best thing about Millencolin is they are living to the true music and punk testament througout SOS and that is to “stick it to the man” and Millencolin do it in the best way they know.

The quick paced guitar of Mathias Färm and Erik Ohlsson is constantly on show through every track, giving that signature sound that fans have grown to love. This is highly evident in tracks like ‘Nothing’ and ‘Sour Days’. Its the vocals of Nikola Sarcevic that really hit it home. Even with english being a second language to Sarcevic, this release seems to be his most fluent english release that he has accomplished. From the days it was evident in classic Millencolin releases like ‘The Ballad’ where you could tell that English wasn’t a strong suit to now, it’s a large improvement.

The main downside with SOS is how political it is. Many fans will be happy with how raw and open it is yet it will divide people yet again. This seems to be the only downside though as the message they’re getting across should hit home for a majority of listeners. Afterall it isn’t like we aren’t wondering what will happen next with the powers that govern in the US but while that may be the case, we still have Millencolin giving us grade A+ punk to make sure we aren’t the only ones wondering what will happen next.

If you enjoyed 2015’s True Brew, this album is definitely for you.