The absolutely stacked lineup consisting of bass boys The Omnific, funky powerhouses Osaka Punch and progressive legends COG had people looking forward to this epic night in Melbourne for weeks. Walking down the iconic Max Watts steps, anticipation filled the air, as the audience prepared to witness COG’s first Melbourne performance since 2010, and I can promise you, it was no less outstanding than expected.

Seeming to be the youngest, talent-filled group of people in the room, The Omnific turned heads increasingly throughout their short but sweet set. The intriguing atmospheric, genre-ignoring, Melbourne based trio of progressive instrumentalists took to the stage, doubling up on the bass and smashing out the drums to open the night with a bang. Your not-so-average rule breakers tackled their set, even getting the crowd involved throughout.

Both bassists are seen to be working their magic, while the real star of the show is drummer Jerome Lematua’s legendary facial expressions. Check them out for yourself below. A personal favourite song performance was their last, Objets de Vertu, truly showcasing the band’s progressive ‘Thall’, killer sound.

Next up, Brisbane crew Osaka punch, repping the glitter jackets and tie dye shirts, 2/4 with luscious long hair to pair with their fabulous dancing. Changing up the music style of the night, funky tunes were combined with modern metal to create the astounding sound that defines Osaka Punch. Indie vibes helped set the scene, with Jack’s chilling vocals still ringing in my ears. The band is described as “A breath of fresh air” by COG’s very own Luke Gower.

The hugely diverse band encapsulate a huge array of sounds, incorporating some spoken word, nifty little percussion shakers, and at one point, the vocals even slightly reminded me of the character Timon from Disney’s The Lion King. The busy lighting matched the show, with bright pinks and greens, and an astounding energy leaving the gradually growing crowd in awe.

You’d expect nothing more than the majestic entrance into a sold-out band room on a Saturday night from the legendary trio, COG. With their perfectly flashing lantern/honeycomb like lighting, the mood is set for an infatuating discography of songs from the past two decades. With their expressive and intense entrance, you would expect nothing more than the mesmerising energy to continue for the entire set.

The godly connotations of the Byron Bay band’s ‘In COG We Trust’ merchandise is thoroughly accurate, as they continue to capture the diverse audience. The musicianship of this band is absolutely unreal and has everybody in the room’s undivided attention, eventually leaving punters hanging for more.

The overall talent of these artists is next level, and all three bands should definitely be placed in a room together again in the future, but in-case that doesn’t happen, be sure to check them out on their last few tour dates.

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