Words: Shannon-Lee Sloane
Photos: Elizabeth Sharpe

It’s been a hot and muggy week in Brisbane but last night it turned a little cooler with a beautiful breeze drifting through Fortitude Valley as I walked towards one of my most favourite live music venues, The Triffid. For months I have been looking forward to seeing COG play at The Triffid with the most perfect supports The Omnific and Osaka Punch. It seems I wasn’t the only one, with the tickets selling out for COG’s ‘Drawn Together Tour’ Brisbane show.

The Omnific; how do I even begin to explain these guys? I had been told how amazing they were but until last night I wasn’t fully aware of how out of this world good they actually are. The Omnific are a progressive instrumental band from Melbourne made up of two bass players and one drummer. Being a huge fan of bass and drums and having a huge respect and appreciation for bassists and drummers I was truly blown away by the talent and ability of this band. You know when sometimes you hear a lot of hype about a band and then you see them, and you’re left a bit underwhelmed? Well this was definitely not one of those times. Quite the opposite, The Omnific exceeded my expectations. Their set included 7 tracks with the stand out for me being their song The Stoic. With Matt Fack and Toby Peterson-Stewart both on bass and Jerome Lematua on drums, they play as a three piece so well it is as if they were destined to create music together.

The crowds started to pack themselves in now as Osaka Punch hit the stage. The intense energy and vibe that Osaka create from the moment they walk on the stage is something almost inexplainable. There are only a handful of bands that can do this so deliciously and Osaka are one of the best. With all four of them clearly born performers and extremely talented musicians, they deliver a stellar live performance every single time. Last time I saw them grace the stage at The Triffid was when they supported Living Colour late last year, they killed it then and they killed it last night. A band with a good frontman is always going to do well and Osaka’s Jack Venables is better than good, he is an absolute superstar with such a huge personality, he just looks so at home on stage. The thing is though, the whole band have the same level of energy, talent and stage presence and this is why they are such a brilliant band. Osaka Punch always walk on stage to some awesome theme tune or song that sets the mood from the start and last night we were treated to the theme song from Baywatch as they guys grooved their way onto the stage. Rolling straight into Bomp and then How We Operate the room was full of fans singing along and eating up the happy vibes coming from both the stage and from fellow fans. Their intro to Actibreeze is their cover of Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s Push It and it kills me every time, it is just so good! Venables talked about his love of The Triffid as a venue saying “Oh Triffendor we love you!” Also stating “I can’t imagine a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with you fuckers!” The feeling was certainly mutual.

The best way I can explain seeing COG live is that it is other worldly. They are so good that it is like you are being transported to a whole other planet or universe. Whilst Osaka draw you in with a fun bubbly energy, COG draw you in with a kind of cosmic pull of pure musical magic. As COG came on stage to a sold out room packed full of fans they started their set with Doors, a perfect song to begin an amazing set with it’s ambient and almost mystical feel and the haunting vocals delivered faultlessly by frontman Flynn Gower. This song gives me shivers every time and seeing it performed live is next level. The connection of brothers Flynn Gower and bassist Luke Gower is a beautiful thing to witness when they perform on stage together, add to that the clear connection and stellar level of talent from drummer Lucuis Borich and you have a three-piece progressive rock band whose purpose in life was clearly to bring the world their music. The set list was full of gems including their newest offering Drawn Together which was well received by the fans. Ending the set with two fan favourites My Enemy and Bird Of Feather rounding up a night of top shelf performances from three amazing bands, I think I can speak for everyone when I say we were left with that buzz you get after being part of such a magical night of pure talent delivered to us with true passion and heart.

The ‘Drawn Together’ Tour continues tonight in Sydney, then another sold out show in Melbourne before moving onto Newcastle, Wollongong, Perth, Adelaide then another Melbourne show to wrap up the tour.

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