Greek Rockers Dr Awkward And The Screws are onto something with their latest album, ‘Gettin’ Out Of Style’. It is set for release on the 18th of February and will be their first full-length album – their previous and first release was a self-titled 3-song EP in 2017. This new album contains 9 awesome songs that leave you in two places at once – half of you is dragged back to the 70s with style characteristics of early Black Sabbath and Blue Öyster Cult, and the other half stays here in the present to enjoy the modern flair the band incorporates into the style.

The album opens strong with Take Me Down, featuring interchanging rhythms and growly vocals that give the song a real grunge vibe. The rhythm guitar riffs are awesome, and in the build up to the solo they jump around and increase in complexity yet somehow still remain beautifully simple.

Below comes in seemingly unimposing, but before you know it, it fills out with a groovy swinging rhythm. There gets to a point where you think ‘oh, the song is over now’ but before you can finish your train of thought it comes back for another 2 minutes of chugging rhythms and classic climbing soloing. The song finishes with a last hurrah vocal line and hammering outro.

While the previous two songs sound very bluesy, Doomed takes a more evil slant and is the first mood changer for the album. I can’t help but think of Sabbath’s War Pigs when listening – that sound really comes out most in the chorus.

Read Between The Lines opens on a more vocal-heavy note with Greg’s grumbly singing, before the rest of the band come in. The guitar riffs I can’t tie to anyone in particular but they have a very old-school vibe to them. Between chorus and verse features a tasty bouncing riff that is like putting the sweet jam between the two bread slices for a delicious sandwich. Halfway through the song the rhythm slows right down, and guitars let loose towards the end.

Mood change again with Outcast Of The Decades, this song is more upbeat than the previous song. The groove has a bit of a funk to it, something reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze. The guitar solo is on fire and gives the song a perfect amount of frill before the song moves into the final verse and chorus.  

Spellbound sounds exactly how you think it might. It opens with a spooky clean guitar intro, and continues that theme throughout the verses. It gives off an eerie mood, which is brought to closure at each chorus where it breaks into a crunchy and funky groove. This song is the longest on the album, and in the guts of it they have pulled off some really cool different sections to keep you on your toes wondering what might come next. This song is predominantly instrumental, as vocals come to a halt after around two minutes and the guitar takes center stage. It’s safe to say that I think I was ‘spellbound’ by the guitar work on this one. The now-familiar vocals make a triumphant reappearance for the ending.  

Wasting no time at all, Low Life Groove opens straight into a swinging upbeat rhythm. The verses feature slamming sharp guitar riffs that are reminiscent of more grungey/punk music styles. Towards the end a bridge hits you with a rolling riff that does not quite sound a regular rhythm, as it repeats before you would expect it to.

Overdued gets back into the swing of things (literally) with a chunky swinging guitar riff that forms the backbone of the song. While the verses are pretty subdued, the choruses are more in-your-face. The guitar solo adds a cherry on top to the last part of the otherwise fairly steady song.

Screaming blues, Counting is a great tune and a perfect way to finish off the album. It begins slow and easygoing, but just when you think this is going to be a nice chill song, it explodes into a faster tempo hammering section. But then, when you accept that that’s how the song will be, back into the clean and quiet section again. And, when you think that maybe that was it, the fast and loud hits you with full force again! It was at this point that I realised the calm sections were the verses, and energetic sections were choruses. This song was a total curveball from what I had gotten used to listening to but I really enjoyed it, surprises and all.

Overall this album was a total joy to listen to, from start to finish it had a great mix of blues and old school rock. As I am a big fan of those genres I am tenacious with the slew of old bands I listen to in my daily or weekly rotation, however I think Dr. Awkward is going to make it into there with this album, their modern flair adds an extra dimension to an already great style.