If you’re into balls-to-the-wall metal, then this is the album you never knew you needed!

Boy, oh boy – if you’re into good old fashioned heavy metal that kicks you square in the balls, then this just might be the album you never knew you needed to listen to! Lethal Desire is the debut album from Chainbreaker, the Canadian-based metalheads, and serves as a prime example of what top-tier speed metal should sound like in 2019; and it’s absolutely brilliant! Made up of current and former members of Cauldron, Rammer and Toxic Holocaust, it’s clearly evident that the pedigree that we are dealing with when listening to this band is more than matched with the instrumental assault within these tracks.

Some might argue that they’re too over the top in their delivery, but I think that’s the point of it all – unleashing nothing but raw instrumental brilliance, forcing you to choke on the bitter pill that is heavy metal. It’s also definitely rough when it comes to the production, I’m not going to mince words there, however it does nothing to detract from the overall performance, and if anything adds to the more raw nature that Chainbreaker have captured when piecing this album together.

Atomica opens the album with what seemingly sounds like a nuclear explosion, before another explosion – this time instrumental – breaks the ambiance with brutal pace. This sets the tone for the album throughout, as Chainbreaker don’t take any backward steps or show any indication of ever wanting to slow down. These guys are all about fast paced, gutbusting metal!Y

Speaking of notable tracks, the opening riff of Get Yer Feed digs its claws deep within your skin and will have you hooked from the outset, right up until the final note of the track has been played. Packed with masterfully delivered guitar solo, and vocals that are (quite possibly) the strongest on the album (until this point), this is a front runner for the album’s premier track. It’s definitely one that will leave its mark, and have you begging for more!

Continuing the trend of opening riffs that will have you chomping at the bit, the album’s title track Lethal Desire has a sense of brooding misery that, when combined with the brutality of the instrumental crashing through the silence, paints one hell of a f***ing picture! There’s no doubt why they chose this as their title track – it’s the perfect embodiment of everything Chainbreaker possesses – brilliant instrumental delivery, earthy vocals, and a pace that will have you wanting to jump out of your chair, and create a mosh pit in your living room!

Methalina, Leatherized, Constant Graving and Hellbound fill in the gaps with the same tenacity that has been delivered throughout the album thus far, and doesn’t waiver in the slightest – you need to truly be prepared, because this album has no give. From start to finish you’re in for one of the most fast paced rides that’s been delivered in a very long time, so take this as you’re warning (and make sure you’re strapped in … safety first!)Y

There’s somewhat of a darker, eerie tone with the combination of Postmortem Dreams and March of the Dead, similar to that of Lethal Desire, which lends another worldly feel to the performance – no, it doesn’t slow down in pace, and is still packed to the brim with absolute brutality, but the small ambiance additions make it feel like you’re listening to something different, and is definitely a welcomed sound.

The album rounds itself out with The List, which although solid in its own right, doesn’t stand out from the crowd too much as a unique track – that, however, doesn’t make this any less of a banger! Whether or not you think it’s an appropriate finish, I’ll leave that up to your own interpretation and opinion. Regardless, this album has been nothing but balls-to-the-wall from beginning to end, and is refreshing given some of the music that we see produced in this day and age. This is definitely the way the ‘devils music’ was meant to be played, just don’t tell your parents!

Lethal Desire is available February 15th, 2019 through Hell’s Headbangers, and will be available through the label as well as the Chainbreaker bandcamp page, which is available HERE!


  1. Atomica
  2. Born Loud
  3. Chainbreaker
  4. Get Yer Feed
  5. Lethal Desire
  6. Methalina
  7. Leatherized
  8. Constant Graving
  9. Hellbound
  10. Postmortem Dreams
  11. March of the Dead
  12. The List