With Lamb Of God forming back in 1994, legendary metal guitarist Mark Morton has built up a huge fan base and reputation not only within the band but individually as one of the best shredders/guitarists around. Fans are now being treated to a solo album that is a collaboration of highly talented creative souls all banding together to create a magical masterpiece of an album. Morton was clearly excited and happy to talk about this new creative venture, we started with how it all came about and what inspired him to do it.

“Well it really just came about by me song writing in general. I am pretty much constantly in some form or another in a state of song writing. When I pick up the guitar, I get ideas. Then I will document those ideas and start developing them into songs and sometimes those songs aren’t metal songs and aren’t really right for Lamb Of God or in that kind of lane musically. So I started building up this collection of more rock style songs coming up and I was working on them because I thought they were cool. I played some for my producer Josh Wilber and he agreed they were worth developing. That was sort of where the idea started, was just to kind of start working these songs and seeing what they could turn into and then once we got some together, we started along with Jake Obi and conceptualizing the idea of a destination for these being a solo album.”

I mentioned to Morton that while I feel like the songs on the album flow really well, they are all quite different and unique and display a real variety of his talent and ability.

“Yeah I mean I think stylistically it is pretty diverse I mean that was sort of the point. Well it happened kind of naturally because the songs were all sort of written within themselves and they came together individually but the idea of the album was to do something to give these songs a destination and a place to be and you know so it wouldn’t make sense for me to do a whole album of thrash metal because that’s what I do with Lamb Of God so I would feel like it would be sort of redundant, so I think stylistically it is pretty diverse and I think it gives people a chance to hear a different side of my song writing and a different side of me creatively.”

The album ‘Anaesthetic’ is due for release next month, Morton gave us some insight into where the album title came from.

“So you know an anaesthetic is something that kind of dulls pain or dulls senses so I thought you know, conceptually that was kind of appropriate for me. Music has always been a place I go and disappear to, it’s own world, you know kind of escape. So this album at times had that sort of impact on me and so I thought that was appropriate and mainly I just thought it was a cool title for an album as well.”

The album is a magical collaboration of creative souls banding together, Morton reflected on what it was like working with all the different vocalists and musicians.

“Yeah I mean, I think for me that was really the thing that I carried away the most gratitude about from having done this project was just the experience of getting to work with these amazing artists. A lot of these people I was just straight up a fan of and I really didn’t know or have any idea if they would want to work with me on a project. You know to get to write a song with Mark Lanegan and Chester Bennington and so many people on this album, I mean some of them are friends so that was a little easier or a little more, I guess not as surprising for me, but some of these folks I was just straight up fans of and just kind of cold called them about working on the project. I was totally flattered and humbled at the same time for these people to participate and be so generous with their artistry.”

Morton talked about the small tour he is doing off the back of the album release.

“Yeah we actually, here in the states, we announced a couple of weeks ago, it will be a pretty quick tour, it will be two weeks at the end of March and we are going out with Light The Torch which is Howard Jones formally Killswitch Engage’s new band and I have put together a solo band that we haven’t announced the members for yet but we are going to announce in the next week or so. It is some of the folks that are on the album and there will be some guest appearances along the way too so it should be pretty cool.”

I asked Morton if Australian fans would be treated to a tour as well.

“I hope so, it was funny I was preparing for the interviews; I am doing all Australian interviews tonight and I said to my manager ‘does this mean we get to tour Australia soon?’ and he said maybe, so hopefully I get to get back down there. Especially with this project it will be pretty exciting to bring something brand new down there.”

Joining forces with WPP Records and Spinefarm Records, Morton, with the help of a list of extremely talented singers and musicians including Chester Bennington, Randy Blythe, Myles Kennedy, Alissa White-Gluz, Mark Lanegan and more has created an amazing album with ‘Anaesthetic’ which will be released on March 1st with pre-orders available HERE.