New Zealand’s progressive metal sweethearts Seas Of Conflict are seriously good. This is a band packed full of passion and talent; a perfect example of the absolute gems of metal bands currently on the rise in New Zealand. The guys have just released a smoking hot new single Monachopsis and it is a true metal musical masterpiece. I was honoured to have a chat with drummer Nic Martin who also plays in the legendary New Zealand hard rock band Devilskin who are playing Download Festival this year. 2019 is shaping up to be a big one for Martin and a big one for Seas Of Conflict with some big plans on the horizon.

Martin and I discovered we have a mutual friend, an enthusiastic supporter of the NZ metal scene and an absolutely beautiful soul Angie Stewart from Third Eye Music and The Gunroom Sessions.

“Angie Stewart from Third Eye Music has been totally instrumental since 2018 as far as live shows go, she took a chance on us opening for Twelve Foot Ninja in Auckland in April last year. We opened for that show and things went super well and from that she put us on with Make Them Suffer, they played New Zealand in August alongside Silent Planet, so she put us on both of those shows. She is awesome, we get on like a house on fire.”

New Zealand’s much loved and hyped Alien Weaponry recently invited Seas Of Conflict to support them on their tour. Martin talked about the friendship between the bands and about playing with them on their upcoming tour kicking off next month.

“We will be supporting them on their tour which goes from 21st of March through to the 29th. Alien Weaponry opened for Devilskin on our first album tour back in 2014 so they would have been about 14 and 12 and they played like 5 shows. My brother caught the very last show and he was like I am going to get these guys to play at my 21st! and he got Seas Of Conflict to play it as well, so that was our first gig together and then they just took off. They just put their heads down and worked towards this incredible album and they just blew everyone away. They came to us and invited us to do their whole tour with them and it was awesome.”

Martin and I reflected on the outstanding amount of top shelf New Zealand metal bands around right now. We talked about how having the support of people like Angie Stewart there to encourage local bands to keep pushing themselves and to reach for the big picture is vital for bands starting out and all local bands.

“Totally, it’s the difference between thinking it’s worth it and that it’s not and it can always be worth it. People just need to realize sooner how much effort you have to put in. Depending on your vision you know, if you want your band to be big you’ve got to work big, you’ve got to work hard and that’s I think something that people are cracking onto and now there are some quality releases coming out of the country and it is awesome. Already there is a little bit of a base between Australia and New Zealand and I think that can just be taken to the next level.”

Seas Of Conflict just released their new single Monachopsis on January 18th. Martin explains the meaning behind the name of the song and how the song came about.

“It is called Monachopsis, a lot of people have got that wrong or just don’t attempt to even say it *laughs* It is kind of a made up word, it came from ‘The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows’ which was created by a linguist and author who has created this kind of dictionary of the world to represent specifically unique feelings or really deep kind of moments or emotions and stuff like that. Kody, our vocalist just found it late one night scrolling the internet and this word stuck out for him and in a lyrical sense and he kind of worked towards the theme of that and appreciating the difference between yourself and everybody else. So that was lyrically how it came about. Musically it came about with playing a riff and I sent it to our old guitarist, and this was like maybe a month or two after we tracked our ‘Vestige’ EP in 2015. Our old guitarist kind of freaked out on me and he was like ‘oh man I have got some riffs do you mind if I take this and do my own thing with it?’ and I was like ‘Absolutely!’ and he came back with the skeleton of the song instrumentally. It took like a year or two; Like Michael ended up leaving to pursue his career and we picked up Alex Mott on bass and he was laying dormant in our home town like riffing away for about 7 or 8 years and he was just like busting out all these amazing riffs and we were like ‘Dude, what the fuck!? Join the band now!’ Monachopsis was the one song that was already there that we could just chip away at while we got more material because we have always had an album in mind. So, Declan and I have been working away at building a stockpile of songs and we will pick the best ones to put on the album. Monachopsis was a song we were able to work on for a really long time and really be sure about it.”

With plans for an album well underway, the recent single release and the upcoming tour with Alien Weaponry, the Seas Of Conflict guys are off to a great start for 2019 and clearly on their way up in the musical world. Keep your eyes peeled for them, they have big things coming!

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