Photo by Kenny Kivett

Hailing from the ashes of Charlotte, USA’s darker side comes forth the Blackened Death trio, Oculum Dei. Mixing different elements and influences of Black Metal, the band is set to bring forth a horde of darkness and engage listeners into a realm of deep, chaotic experiences.

Hellbent to unleash their demonic war chants from their debut full length ‘Dreams of Desire and Torment’ on February 22, 2019, the band is sharing their latest music video Involuntary Pandemic. The track is an intense brutal force, a violent asking about where God is when bad shit happens and why one should be a believer, especially when a child is being harmed or murdered.

Bassist / drummer Tenebris adds, “Involuntary Pandemic is almost a straight Death Metal blast to the face with Zebulv‘s well-placed rant on religion, the hypocrisy of the church and asking where are your Gods when bad stuff happens.”

The band adds, “The album as a whole is an eclectic mix of slow, dark Black Metal jumping into extreme Black riffs sometimes slowed down with a Death Metal riff and into acoustic guitars. There is no set template for this one, just a groove and feel that each of us has brought to the table.”

First forming as a studio project in 2016 by Tenebris (bass / drum and keys programming), Camalus (guitar) and Zebulv (vocals/guitar), Oculum Dei has taken their influences of Emperor, Behemoth and Dark Funeral and pushed an eclectic unholy blasphemy as far as it will go in the Southern USA’s Bible Belt.

Not content to remain as a studio project, the trio has begun performing locally and have shared the stage with Carach Angren, Wolfheart, and Mors Principum Est. Clad in corpse paint with an elaborate and continuously evolving stage show, Oculum Dei has heavily invested into their extreme visionary madness.

Download and streams of singles Blinded by Gods and Dreams of Desire and Torment available on BandcampSpotifyiTunesAmazon.

Show Dates:
Feb 23 – Spartanburg, NC – Ground Zero – (Album Release Show) – info
March 2 – Lynchburg, VA – The Stoney Badger Tavern
April 11 – Spartanburg, NC – Grond Zero w/ Aborted, Cryptopsy, Benighted, Hideous Divinity
April 27 – Charlotte, NC – The Rabbit Hole
May 24 – Charlotte, NC – The Milestone
July 10 – Washington, DC – TBA
July 11 – Baltimore, MD – TBA
July 12 – Atlantic City, NJ – TBA
July 13 – Brooklyn, NY – Lucky Tavern
August 16 – Asheville, NC – Ole Shaky’s – NYDM Fest – info

Track Listing:
1. Involuntary Pandemic
2. Ghost In The Corridors
3. Kingdom Of Hell
4. Dreams Of Desire And Torment
5. A Cold Winters Plight
6. Blinded By Gods
7. A Mist Of Heaven Inside Of Hell

Oculum Dei is:
Tenebris (Bass, Drum And Key Programming)
Camalus (Guitars)
Zebulv (Guitars And Vocals)

For more info:
Online Store –