A humid Wednesday night in Perth did not stop punters from flocking to (the currently under controversy) Club Capitol for one of the most amusing Metal acts of all time, Scottish Pirate titans Alestorm.

Happily surprised by the crowded venue for a mid-week gig, I made my way through the stench of sweat and beer for the local support, 9 Foot Super Soldier, who never cease with their party attitude. Perfect openers, they riled the crowd up with their unique brand of Aussie party Metal, the mosh pit going off unlike you normally see for the first act! Frontman Smitty banters between songs, leaving the crowd giggling with goofy grins, even chucking mi-goreng packets into the crowd at one point. At the end of the night I heard a girl commenting on how she smelt like mi-goreng now. These guys are a laugh and a half and if you wanted to get a party started, these guys are the ones you want to warm the crowd, as they always do so nicely.

Rumahoy were the perfect addition to the line-up. The balaclava-clad band led by their aptly dressed Captain Yarrface kept the crowd cheering and singing with giant smiles, hardly letting the momentum drop at any point in time. A rare breed of Argentinian Pirate Metal, you won’t see much, if anything, else like this and they are worth the watch. The wave of cheerful people flowed with a buzz you don’t normally see in the Perth Metal scene.  Pirate adorned features floated around the club, both levels open as well as the Amplifier beer garden. Queues at the bars and the merchandise table did not die down all night. A few fancy pirate coats were braving the sticky summer night, looking flash but evoking feelings of overheating just by looking at them. I don’t know how the Rumahoy boys survived in their balaclavas. The lights were like lasers, beaming heat directly onto the stage. Kudos for not passing out from heat exhaustion or dehydration. The tirade continued bringing a surge of crowd surfers to the displeasure of the security guards, but even they were laughing throughout the night with the wild antics of the band, enticing the crowd.

Anticipation was high as the stage technicians attended to the changeover. There were a lot of first time experiences in this attention-grabbing gig. I was expecting an entertaining night but this was beyond my perception. To start, a giant yellow rubber ducky is not what you expect to see on the stage of a Metal gig, but leave it to Alestorm to break stereotypes and do exactly that. The band guarantee a fun night. Keytar and kilt-clad vocalist Christopher Bowes amazed me with his balance and dexterity as he threw his leg up past his head in a series of high kicks, somehow not flashing everyone and keeping in time and singing whilst doing so. The energy they bring is undeniable and it’s hard not to have a good night at an Alestorm gig. One of the highlights that had me in stitches was half the mosh pit sitting down and rowing for the majority of a song. It was hilarious and amazing to see dozens of people sitting down on the disgusting club floor, rowing in unison as pirate crew for Nancy the Tavern Wench. As a killer guitar riff began the crowd arose, helping each other up with the best comradeship.

Even better than their past high-energy performances, Alestorm turned a dreary Wednesday night into a party that everyone was unprepared to leave, despite the prospect of a hungover day at work the following day. The bulk of the formidable gathering was a more mature audience, but that did not stop the ecstatic rowdiness and spirited mosh. Known for the infectious blend of Power Metal and modern Folk, after 13 years of the catchy Pirate Metal theme, Alestorm continue to come up with wild stories of epic battles, mythological creatures and of course getting drunk, playing out so many people’s fantasy of “It’s a pirate’s life for me!”

I cannot recommend seeing Alestorm enough – the atmosphere they create, with help from great supports, is undeniably enjoyable, so do yourself a favour and catch their upcoming show in your town. All the bands were friendly, chatting and taking photos with fans after the show. This is more of the vibe we need.

Photos by Shadow World Photography

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