Doing something new in the realm of heavy music takes vision, creativity and a hell of a lot of guts as there is always a risk. A risk of getting it wrong, of alienating yourself, of not fitting in the neat little genre bubbles everything seems to have to conform to…SETMEONFIRE are risk takers…

Sydney’s, SETMEONFIRE are helmed by vocalist/songwriter Cameron Eyre (previously of Boris The Blade and The Storm Picturesque), and multi-instrumentalist Oliver Freeth with guitarist Stuart Pearson, drummer Kieran Jackson and bassist Alex Milovic completing the live contingent.

This sonic fusion comes together on Lowtech, the band’s impending debut album due for release in March 2019. 

The first look at Lowtech comes from the incredible music video for Creature. Check it out below.

Lowtech comes online in March.

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