There are lots of things Australia are well known for, vegemite, spiders, snakes, kangaroos, and great rock music. We’ve probably got AC/DC to thank for that! Another Aussie rock band that have been making great music for over a decade is Melbourne’s Electric Mary. February 15th sees the release of their first album in eight years, ‘Mother’, and it’s 8 tracks of classic, balls to the wall rock.

Electric Mary is vocalist, Rusty, guitarist and vocalist Pete Robinson, bassist Alex Raunjak, guitarist Brett Wood, and drummer Paul ‘Spyder’ Marrett.

Track one is Gimme Love, and the first thing you get is Rusty’s growling, gritty vocals. The same chugging guitar riff repeats through-out and it absolutely drives the track from start to finish. If you’re a fan of guitar solos, get ready for Pete Morrison to absolutely melt your face off with his that features in the latter part of the opening track.

Hold Onto What You Got and How Do You Do It are tracks two and three respectively, with Hold Onto What You Got in your face with guitar to start and How Do You Do It opening on the drums. There’s a neat little guitar and bass driven breakdown in various parts of Hold Onto What You Got that remind you you’re listening to classic rock’n’roll that break the pace of the song up really nicely. How Do You Do It is slower than the two preceding tracks and it’s definitely the ballad of the first part of the record. Rusty has a really dynamic voice and he shows off his range and ability to pull off different styles here as well.

Track four is Sorry Baby and if we were still in the 80s it would probably take pride of place in a John Hughes film being blasted from a boom box while the leading man apologies to the leading lady for being a douchebag, or something like that. It’s also a total anthem and if you’re not singing along as loud as you possibly can to the chorus by the end of the song, you’re not listening to it right.

The Way You Make Me Feel is track five and no, it’s not a cover of the Michael Jackson classic of the same name. It’s fast, it’s dirty and it’s full of guitar solos that say ‘hey we know the previous track was a ballad but check THIS out’. Next comes It’s Alright and unfortunately for this reviewer, the title of the track really says a lot. It’s not an awful song by any means but it’s probably the weakest track on the record in my opinion. It gets saved with a great little instrumental outro which is the highlight of the song for me.

One of the best things about classic rock is that it’s influenced by a lot of other styles, like blue. Long Long Day is a great demonstration of the blues influences coming through and it’s slow and gritty. Rusty also gets to do a bit of showing off here with his range and versatility with his vocals. The rhythm section also totally slay in this one when Robinson shows off with another incredible solo.

Woman is the final, and sadly the shortest track on the record, saddest because it means that the record is done. A lot of bands wouldn’t be what they are if it wasn’t for incredible drummers, and Paul ‘Spyder’ Marrett isn’t an exception. He gets to play some really great fills throughout the track, including towards the end. The final 30 seconds of so of the track feel a bit like a jam session on steroids, but in the absolute best way.

After 8 long years away, Electric Mary have thrown down the gauntlet with ‘Mother’ and are inviting any of the up and comers in the rock scene to dethrone them from being one of the best. There’s a reason they’ve been around since 2003, there’s a reason why they still sell out shows in days, and it’s all to do with the great music the band constantly produce.

Pre-order your copy of ‘Mother’, out February 22 via IRUSTYOU, HERE!