“The most important thing you can do for yourself is to try and take it easy on yourself… to love yourself every day.” Jesse Barnett – Stick To Your Guns. It’s this mindset that influenced the positive atmosphere of the room, filled with an audience eagerly anticipating their friendly neighbourhood Melbourne/California hardcore show.

First up, Caged Existence, with a quick but absolutely fire set. The fairly new venue ‘Stay Gold’ was already filling up with friendly faces and hardcore fans from all over Victoria. The metallic hardcore crew kicked off the show with a bang, hyping the crowd for the next 3 acts to come.

Following through with the positive atmosphere, Broken take to the stage, opening the pit right up. The hype continues with lead singer’s unique vocals, distinctly rocking the stage presence, turning heads with his contemporary blonde bowl cut. While adhering intensity, the band hype up for the next featuring act, terror. The buildup continued till the very last windmill-filled song of their set.

The second Terror entered the stage, it was go time, a myriad of beers were thrown in order to mosh with no distractions. It was now evident that this was indeed a sold out show, with arms and legs flying in true hardcore fashion, while the crowded room did not stop moshing or head bobbing once, with a very open pit throughout their entire set.

The musicianship throughout this set was truly admirable, with the energy continuing to fill the crowded room. The mood was definitely set, with the eerie lighting and crowd appreciation from vocalist Scott Vogel “This is your show, this is your city, this is your country, thanks for inviting us into your home, let’s make some noise!”. The latter part of their set was pure “old shit”, where Vogel encouraged “if you really like the lyrics to one of these songs, just take the microphone”. Even the designated drivers were living for that adrenaline rush, lemon, lime & bitters in hand.

After Stick To Your Guns jump on stage accompanied by admirable green lighting, the crowd tightened up, as the last co-headliners begin their set with many commendable punk jumps.

Vocalist Jesse Barnett’s words do not go unnoticed throughout the set “Thank you for some of the most important memories of my life and for being some of the most important people” While the intensity builds, he continues to “Constantly remind you of what this fucking music means and where you fucking come from”.

Continuing to pay respects and be grateful to all those surrounding us, he exclaims: “We play this next song in solitary of native and aboriginal people all over the F***ing world” As their set progressed, a fan took over the microphone, giving Barnett a moment for a drink and a breather.
He goes on to talk about his own journey of self love and appreciation, shining a light on the importance of viewing your own self in a positive way, as opposed to “trash”. “The most important thing you can do for yourself is to try and take it easy on yourself… to love yourself every day”. The night completely highlighted the solid fact that we need to love ourselves first before we can take on the world.

If you’re in Adelaide or Perth, it is highly recommended that you don’t miss out on this absolutely killer show while it is in your town, grab your tickets HERE!