Coming into the scene with absolute, relentless fury, Forsaker have been building up to this release for quite some time; the hard work, their work ethic and dedication is something you rarely see in bands today, and it’s incredibly evident through their debut single, Rotten Mind (ft. Alex Teyen of Black Tongue). Rising from the ashes of previous bands The Sign of Four, Caraway Seed and Final Form, the Central Coast based quintet pushed themselves to new heights in the Australian heavy music scene.

The Single:

To begin with, you’re introduced almost instantly to a violent onslaught of impervious breakdowns and incredibly heavy vocals performed by Brodie Servin, who as a performer, suits the band’s vision and musicianship immensely. Although this is Servin’s first real band, he’s established himself already as an upcoming performer that will surely generate a lot of talk in the near future. The songwriting in itself pushes the boundaries in Australian heavy music, but that doesn’t come without flaws, however. During the transition at 1:33, the tempo change, while smoothly, it doesn’t really feel like it matches the overall eerie, dark and vicious vibe that is presented before and after the track, and the section does get a little messy in terms of placement and performance.

Drummer Nazareth Tharratt definitely holds his own ground in the track, using his performance to shape the track into something more. Rather than just laying down a beat to maintain the bass and the guitars, his precision and technicality add to the overall story telling of the track and the concept of psychosis. One thing that should be pointed out as well is the fact that Tharratt performs the drums entirely on this track, and this helps immensely prove the amount of talent these five have and the chemistry they’re bound to show on their first performance.

Tharratt and bassist Scott Jones have that undeniable chemistry between them, as seen through previous band The Sign of Four, which unquestionably solidifies them both as a duo not to be messed with. Don’t forget about Jones’ gritty, violent bass tone; the amount of weight, beef and attack that tone has, surely shows that not only does Jones really know what he’s doing, but that his tone and playing style is so detrimental to this band’s upcoming success. Whilst guitarists Zac Day and Bailey Sheely do keep things relatively simple with constant chugging and minimal riffing, it complements the song’s concept, and I’m almost certain that in the future the members will mix it up and create more depth.

Let’s not forget about Alex Teyen. All I can honestly say is what a vocalist. Teyen is almost perfectly suited for his guest spot in this track, and whilst his spot is only 20 seconds, it creates such a demonic presence that was needed in this track to match the music and the concept.

The Music Video:

The video offers an incredibly unique perspective on psychosis, and whilst I can see how some people may find the video to be a bit generic for a deathcore/beatdown band, it’s something that deserves to be analysed a little bit more. The narrative aspect of the video contains a child by himself, walking through an empty, dark and creepy forest, being followed by ‘the man in the mask’, to which it turns around in the end as soon as the breakdown hits, indicating that the man in the mask is nothing but an image, and that the child is the one with the mask.

This absolutely adds character to the lyrical aspect as well as the band’s overall concept, almost foreshadowing their upcoming release, where I’ll leave it for the reader to have a guess (can’t spoil my own views). Along with the matching of the actual music, the video is incredibly well done and in depth, with a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Honestly, whilst this track is flawed in some areas, it’s a fiery, dark, violent debut from an incredibly young band who have a bright future ahead of them, I have no doubt in my mind about it.

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