The 80s glam rock scene in L.A is the stuff of legend. Centered around the sunset strip, it gave birth to some of the most legendary bands in rock, bands that were as infamous for their personas as they were for their music. These were true and timeless, good old fashioned rock stars. What has really lasted the test of time though, is the music. From early fans still dedicated to new fans just discovering the classic tunes, the music behind it all is still very much alive and well. As are many of the bands, who are still touring and keeping the scene alive. One of the more notorious bands to come out of the glam scene is Faster Pussycat.  Lead by the larger than life front man Taime Downe, the bands first album personified the dirty Cathouse sound. Over the years they have gone through a break up, line up changes and controversy. But they are still touring and still brining their own brand of hard core rock and roll to the world. After ten long years, they are finally coming back to Australia. A trip Downe is looking forward to.



“I am looking forward to playing, seeing a few friends, and having fun in Australia again. Last time was kind of quick, this time I want to get some memories, and see it all again” says Downe. The band themselves certainly created some memories last time. The band are well known for their amazing live show, and it was this they brought to our shores last time creating memories fans still talk about. But what does Downe remember of the last tour? Surprisingly, and amusingly, his stand out memory of Australia is medical. Back then, Downe indulged in alcohol and other substances. The flight was from LA to Sydney, and then straight to Perth, a trip Down was passed out for most of. “ I just remember going to Perth. I remember getting to the hotel, checking in, and then looking down at my feet… and I was wearing some Vans. And my ankles were hanging over my shoes!” laughs Downe, as he reminisces, “They were so fat and swollen! I went over to the pharmacy across from the hotel. I just went up to the counter and I just pointed at my feet and I was just like what the f**k is this? They totally knew what it was because with these long flights, I guess, people get that a lot. I normally get up and walk around”.


Downe continues to talk of memories of Melbourne and Sydney, including a visit to Melbourne’s well known rock hub of AC/DC lane. He also fondly remembers the people he met when they played and the fun times the band had. Having fun seems to be something of a motivation for the singer still. It was his first answer when I asked what motivates him to keep going, to keep touring. “It’s just fun! You know what I mean? Its just what I do. As long as I keep having fun I will keep doing it. You know, it’s fun being on the road. I’m 54 I’m like I’ll do it until can’t do it or shouldn’t do it haha!“ According to fans, he still can and still should! Like a true rock star, Down may have gotten clean and grown up a bit, but he still has the wild spirit and showmanship needed to lead such a legendary band. The stage shows are as fast and loose as ever. Faster Pussycat have become more known these days as a live band, their stage shows receiving rave reviews around the world, their tour announcements met with tangible excitement.



But what exactly can Australia expect from a Faster Pussycat show? The band have an extensive back catalogue full of hits and fan favourites. But Down assures us there will be a mix of different albums and eras to please all fans. “Its gonna be a mix between all the records, and a couple of extra covers we might do just for Australia” teases Downe. He teases further, talking of new material. “New stuff? there is nothing new coming out yet” states Downe, but goes on to say that “there is stuff we are working on but we are not playing any of that. Yet”. He goes on to mention that they have built a recording studio and have been working on new material material for a few years. “So I have been getting ready to go through a bunch of that stuff. There is a lot of good stuff. We are definitely going to put something out. I don’t know when. But we have been trying to do it for a couple fo years now. Should be pretty soon”. He then mentions that the band are going over to Gilby’s (Clark, of Guns n Roses fame) to re do some drums. Now that is exciting!

While a new Faster Pussycat album is eagerly awaited, touring is still a priority. The singer mentions that the band will be touring the states again for a few months, before heading to Europe in the fall. “I keep busy” Downe says as he laughs. Faster Pussycat are one of the few bands of that era still touring extensively, and they still bring a level of excitement that outstrips mere nostalgia. Taime Downe still lives and breathes rock and roll, as do the rest of the band. In February, Australia finally gets to see again exactly what that means. It is guaranteed to be a mind blowing musical experience fans will never forget. Only a fool would miss this!


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