Celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2019, Swedish hardcore punk/sludge metal hybrid SIGNO ROJO is preparing to self-release a newly-recorded EP, End Of Tether, in mid-February. The opening and title track to the EP has been issued through a premiere at No Echo, as preorders and more are issued. The End Of Tether EP is one of multiple releases and major actions from the band this year.

With the release of the new single SIGNO ROJO collectively states, “The title track of our new EPEnd Of Tether is about the desperation of being stuck in the rat race of current society. And on a more personal level, it’s partially based on the band’s struggles and misfortune with our previous release, Svårfödd, which had a legendarily troubled birth. A furious kicking-off point for the new EP which is thematically dealing with topics of disillusionment and frustration with the world we all share.”

No Echo declares with the new single, “With a sound that is rooted in both hardcore punk and sludgy metal, SIGNO ROJO make the kind of music fans of Amebix, Entombed, and Neurosis can get behind in a huge way.” 

HearSIGNO ROJO’s “End Of Tether” via No Echo at THIS LOCATION.