Baltimore Sludge/Grind Addicts Musket Hawk will release their long-awaited sophomore album, ‘Upside of Sick,’ March 29 on Unholy Anarchy Records.

Continuing to plumb the depths of extremity, Musket Hawk seek to annihilate any semblance of tranquillity and bruise the psyches of fans and unsuspecting victims alike. ‘Upside of Sick’ scrapes its way through sludge reverberations, while fomenting chaos through grindcore bursts with a punk aura that is as undeniable as it is palpable. Grab hold of something immovable and hang on for dear life!

Musket Hawk will spend the month of February on the Winter 2019 Tour across the U.S.

Musket Hawk Album Cover.jpg

Musket Hawk Tour Poster

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