With the heat being turned up this whole week, punters were excited for a slight cool change set to hit on this Thursday night. With a sea of black shirts flooding into the corner hotel early the three band extravaganza starts now.

First up for locals Outsiders Code. Having not heard much about them I left my expectations out the door and let whatever they had be thrown at me. 

With tracks like Trust to Dust, Destroyer and Outsider for Life, the Melbourne Supergroup (consisting of members from Warbrain, 50 Lions, Her Nightmare, and Hitlist) tore shreds of the unsuspecting front row while the mosh kept moving for them all set. Definitely a band to put on my ‘to listen’ list.

Once Outsiders Code were done, the crowd was a lot fuller as Citizen were up next. Gaining some of their big following through their symbolistic lyrics via social media apps, the crowd were definitely excited to see Citizen for the first time in 3 years (unless you were at Unify Gathering on the weekend).

Opening with Sleep and Jet, lead singer Matt Kerekes faced his microphone to the crowd and made sure they screamed the lyrics back at him with an emphatic roar. Following on with songs like Sick and Impatient, Fever Days, I Forgive No One and Cement, they easily won the crowd over with an amazing performance while saying they love playing down here regardless of the long flight to get here from the USA. 

Closing with The Summer, Citizen showed why they deserve to be where they are, and that they’ve always been here to stay.

Thinking how a band could top Citizen, it didn’t seem possible on a night like this… that is until Turnstile graced the Corner Hotel stage and made it their own. 

Opening with Disco and Real Thing, they commanded the audience to move from the get go and they got just that. With a mix of new and old school Punk-Hardcore the band pushed boundaries and brought 150% energy to the venue, even sometimes making the crowd look like they aren’t moving as much as they could. Security were hopeless (and rough) with punters flying over the barrier and should’ve been briefed properly on how to deal with this kind of crowd in a better manner. Nevertheless the crowd didn’t stop Crowd Surfing from start to finish, hitting it to songs like Fazed, Blue By You and Generator. 

Turnstile finished their blockbuster set with Moon and you could see how much effort both the band and the crowd below put into it, with everyone drenched in water, beer, and sweat, but still smiling.

If you’re yet to see a good punk hardcore band from the ‘new era’ then Turnstile is where you should go to first. An explosive set with moment after moment that you won’t forget. A band full of class, with a performance you’ll remember forever.