Papa Roach today announce the release of their tenth studio album, Who Do You Trust?, out now via Eleven Seven Music / Sony Music Australia.


Who Do You Trust? marks a paradigm career shift, redefining them and translating their sound to an entirely new audience, without losing the loyal following they’ve built already. “We wanted a new chapter in our career. We wanted to carve a new path, be ‘Papa Roach,’ true to form,” says, Shaddix. 

The figures tell their own story. Papa Roach are a rare breed. Time, as ever, is the real test. Sure, you might have hits early on in your career, but what do you do when the spotlight moves to someone else, when your initial heat cools off? Many are mistaken when defining the game of rock as a sprint rather than a marathon. Many lose their nerve, flail blindly and change their sound to whatever’s cool this week. Many retreat by default into their catalogue and continue touring as “heritage” acts or museum pieces performing to an ever-decreasing fanbase. Rare, however, is the band that holds their mettle, that take the time to grow, that use those moments when fame’s fickle finger is pointing elsewhere to take risks and to try new things. Rarer still is the band that goes through this process and comes out the other end making the best music of their career, and ready to change the world’s perception of them, and Papa Roach is exactly this band. 

The 12-track anthemic album features heavy guitars and catchy hooks on title trackWho Do You Trust? and Renegade Music, melodic tunes on Not The Only One, and a return to frontman Jacoby Shaddix’s MC roots on Elevate, with emotionally charged lyrics throughout the album. The band enlisted the same production team as their critically acclaimed album, Crooked Teeth with Nick “Ras” Furlongand Colin Cunningham producing 11 songs, while Jason Evigan produced Top Of The World.

01.  The Ending
02.  Renegade Music
03.  Not The Only One
04.  Who Do You Trust?
05.  Elevate
06.  Come Around
07.  Feel Like Home
08.  Problems
09.  Top Of The World
10. I Suffer Well
11. Maniac
12. Better Than Life

Jacoby Shaddix , Jerry Horton , Tobin Esperance  and Tony Palermo  — have been one of the leaders in alternative rock for nearly 20 years and continue to impact that space with their upcoming 10th studio album, Who Do You Trust? The two-time GRAMMY-nominated band have sold over 20 million records worldwide, have garnered over 2 billion in streaming to date and charted over fourteen Top 5 hit singles and six #1 hit singles on three different radio formats (Active Rock, Alternative and Top-40), showcasing the band’s ability to consistently write hit songs —Last Resort (2000), She Loves Me No(2002), Getting Away With Murder (2004), Scars (2005), Forever (2007), Lifeline (2009), Kick in the Teeth (2010), Burn (2011), Still Swingin’ (2012), Face Everything and Rise (2015), Gravity (2015), Help (2017), American Dreams(2017), and most recently, Born for Greatness (2018).

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