Black Goat was formed in 1999 Anno Bastardi in Russia by IX (guitar) and Kayn (drums & vocals). After a few months IX left the band due to conflicts with Kayn and T.W.G.F. stepped in as the vocalist. They recorded a few rehearsals and then sadly split-up.

In 2005 IX and T.W.G.F. ressurected the band. From 2005 to 2010 they recroded a lot of priminive and raw sounding demo-tapes, influenced by bands like BeheritPoison (Ger) and Parabellum (Col), and released a tape (Opus Diaboli) on Nomos Dei prod. In the summer of 2010 IX was imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital. Next incarnation was 3 years later, in 2013 by IX and Necator.

The style has changed from primitive black/death metal to sinister and obscure black metal in the vein of NecromantiaMortuary DrapeMystifier etc.

In 2016 the first album called “The Ultimate Revelation” was released, and right after thatNecator left the band. In next year, tha band was signed to Babarian Wrath, and IX withDaniel from Chilean band Morbid Holocaust recorded second album “The Inmost Darkness. Prologue”, but unfortunately, label closed after the release.

For the next album “Magia Posthuma” the band made an agreement with Iron Blood & Death Corp. This album is a second part of trilogy “The Inmost Darkness”, which narrates about a Vampirism, Black Magic and Necromancy, and a personal experience, that came during a ritual practice.