Salvadorian black/thrashers Witchgoat‘s debut full length ‘Egregors of the Black Faith’ will be out on 13th February via Morbid Skull Records (CD & Cassette) and Hell Productions (CD). This album is the successor of the demo ‘Umbra Regit’ that came out last year.

Toilet ov Hell premieres the third track Black Vomit of Souls as the first glimpse of the album. Stream “Black Vomit of Souls”, courtesy of Toilet ov Hell, RIGHT HERE

Witchgoat is equipped to discharge the debut opus ‘Egregors of the Black Faith’ on February 13, 2019 via Morbid Skull Records (El Salvador – CD & Cassette) and Hell Productions (Thailand – CD). Rejecting all type of modern technological enhancements, this opus conjures the filthiness and wickedness of the bona fide old-school extreme metal sound. With a malefic storm of barbaric black/thrashing numbers present in the album, Witchgoat is destined to intensify the spirit of the Central American metal underground.


Witchgoat album cover.jpg