Fast-rising fusion guitarist Steve Dadaian will release his upcoming new full-length concept album, ‘Follow The Light,’ on February 1, 2019. Today, following the release of his two latest tracks/videos for Follow the Light and Soul Connection (the latter featuring Soilwork‘s Bjorn Strid), Dadaian has revealed a brand new guitar playthrough the epic track Red River.

Steve Dadaian says: “Red River is one of the most unique and technically demanding songs on the record. Even though there are a lot of moving parts, as a whole it is still cohesive with all the progressive and orchestral elements I was looking for. I took a break during the writing process one evening and was inspired to finish writing this track after seeing the movie The Killing Fields again. The feeling I had after watching it now as an adult was in line with the headspace I was in while writing the album story. The themes build upon each other from the beginning until they reach a pivotal moment, after which all hell breaks loose.”

Featuring razor-sharp solos, theatrical, symphonic soundscapes and unforgettable melodies, Steve Dadaian’s new album, ‘Follow The Light,’ starts strong with an ominous, movie-soundtrack-ready introduction preparing the listener for the album, aptly titled “The Journey Ahead”. The album wastes no time beginning its epic tale with the metal/jazz fusion track “Follow The Light”, and continues to flux amid orchestral-influenced pieces such as “Forest Requiem” and larger-than-life metal opuses like “Soul Connection”.

‘Follow The Light’ can be pre-ordered via BandcampiTunes and Amazon now. The physical version of ‘Follow The Light’ also includes a written component, allowing the listener to follow the album’s epic story both on paper and in auditory form