Long running Canadian death metal band Begrime Exemious will self-release compilation CD ‘Primeval Wasteland’ to kick off 2019! The album, which compiles three EPs that were recorded in two sessions between October 2012 and February 2013, will be released on February 15.

With 14 tracks clocking in at 60 minutes, this compilation highlights a period of time in which  Begrime Exemious operated as a quintet between their second and third albums.

The first half of the compilation is comprised of the Primeval Satellite mLP, originally released by Dark Descent Records in 2014. During the recording of these songs, the band opted to re-record some additional tracks, which ended up being released as an exclusive tour tape for their west cost US/Canada tour in 2013. Both of these releases have been long sold out since. Also featured is the ‘Wasteland of Damnation’ EP, which was originally released as a 7″ in 2013 on now the now defunct label Fuel Injected Records. These songs were written and recorded almost immediately after the ‘Primeval Satellite’ sessions.

Begrime Exemious turned into their current quartet incarnation before ‘Primeval Satellite’ was even released, but the band’s lineup has remained stable since. The songs on the compilation were remastered by Cody Baresich at Circle A Studios in Victoria, BC. From the other side of Canada, Adam Kindred of Halifax, NS is responsible for the cover art. The booklet features all of the releases’ original artwork by Dennis Thomsen, with the layout done by the band’s frontman Derek Orthner.

Begrime Exemious Album Art.jpg