Chainsaw have sharpened their blades and are ready to slaughter Australia. Let the bloodbath begin! Chainsaw are a 4 horse powered thrash act based in Stockholm, Sweden. The band was founded in 2003 with the ambition to play pure thrash metal in the vein of legendary bands such as Slayer, Exodus and Forbidden.

Chainsaw delivers a full throttled thrash metal assault, focused on technical prowess, without compromising the primitive brutality that is the essence of Thrash Metal. The band has built up a solid reputation as a powerful live act performing at break neck speeds with energy second to none.

After some demo’s and an EP, the debut album ‘Feed the Lie’ was released in 2010.

In the fiifteen years since the band was founded, Chainsaw has stayed true to their initial goal of playing fast and angry music, and are still just as hungry and determined to make Chainsaw a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Let’s welcome them down under for the very first time. The massacre awaits!

Chainsaw (SWE) support and ticketing details:
Jan 25th – Port Kembla Bar W/ Panik, Pestilent Doom, Horridus – Servo Food
Truck Bar. TICKETS
Jan 27th – Sydney W/ Darker Half, Fenrir, Lethal Vendetta – Frankie’s Pizza. FREE ENTRY
Jan 29th – Canberra W/ Reign of Terror, Black Mountain – Pot Belly Bar. $15 at the door.
Jan 30th – Albury w/ Dread the Winter, Vile Demiurge – Albion Hotel. $15 at the door.
Jan 31st – Ballarat W/ Order of Torment, Feast, Distorta- The Eastern. TICKETS
Feb 1st – Melbourne W/ In Malice’s Wake, Mason, Maniaxe – Bendigo Hotel. TICKETS
Feb 2nd – Churches of Steel III Heavy Metal Festival – The Duke. TICKETS