Brisbane band Days Like These are giving you a heavier welcome in new track ‘The Absolute‘. 

The single was recorded, mixed and mastered by Cory Judd (A Night in Texas) at Colossal Tracks Studio. It is the first time the band have not self-produced their music and, not only did it make the band work harder, it also allowed them to expand creatively. The video was filmed by Elliott Sauvage (Whitechapel, Alpha Wolf, & The Comfort) at Sauvage Photo and Film. The band have worked with Elliot previously and are stoked with the finished product he has created.

Callen Batson, Lead vocalist for the band, said “The song is about realising who you are is not who you want to be and that you are extremely unhappy with that. The more you dig into yourself, the more you realise that most of what you are unhappy with is your own fault. It is very pessimistic and does not have a resolution.” Following on from their debut EP, Days Like These put together the tracking, video and master all in the space of two months.

This track is a stand alone to show how the new single creates a genre shift, moving the band from pop-punk participants, into post-hardcore participators. Having toured with Stepson, Awaken I Am and Picturesque (USA) the guys in Days Like These are not shy to the live stage. Having just secured an opening slot for Secrets (USA) Brisbane show, on February 9th at Crowbar, this will be the first time ‘The Absolute’ will be performed live. 

The Absolute is out today (Friday 18 January) and available on all digital and streaming platforms. 

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