Experimental progressive rock/metal group Althea are back with a new line-up, a clarity of concept and an evolution of sound on their new album ‘The Art of Trees,’ released worldwide via Sliptrick Records on January 8th, 2019.

‘The Art Of Trees’ defines the unique and personal sound of Althea in 10 new tracks with amazing arrangements and impressive variations in style and sonic landscape. All the lyrics and atmospheres evoke a wide range of images that may be far in terms of space, but still clear and touching in the life of everyone of us.

‘The Art of Trees’ – “Watching in reverse the scenes of a lived life while it becomes a living life again. From the five stages of grief when everything is over and lost, going backward through all the stages of life until is time to born and become the human being we are destined to be.”

‘The Art Of Trees’ | Released January 8th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records

Althea Album Art

Track listing:
01. For Now | 02. Deformed To Frame | 03. One More Time | 04. Today | 05. Evelyn | 06. Not Me | 07. The Shade | 08. The Art Of Trees | 09. Away From Me | 10. Burnout