Louisiana-based progressive death metal project A Novelist recently announced the upcoming February 8th, 2019 release of their sophomore full-length, Folie. The band once again enlisted the talents of renowned sound engineer Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, Wretched, etc.) to ensure the best possible production for their new album.

A Novelist is the creative partnership of drummer Alex Babineaux and vocalist, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist Ben Nugent. Started in 2009 between friends in Lafayette, Louisiana, they began with the simple goal of writing and playing death metal. Over time their goals as a band grew larger, driven by a bold desire to expand the idea of what death metal can be through free and uncompromised expression.

Check out the track below.

Everything Is Noise comments on today’s premiere of “Apparitions”
“The beginning of “Apparitions” is a dark and technical death metal influenced part that might remind of German tech-death masters in Obscura, while A Novelist put some whispered vocal layers on top to create a gloomy atmosphere. The clean vocals on this song add a very bright ambiance to the very melodic guitar riffing that also draws the line to Between The Buried And Me‘s music. Some good growls work more in the background while the incorporation of synthesizers adds spice.

Another interesting aspect on this song and the record, in general, is that Marc ‘Elder’ Linam adds some of his instruments that are tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, C-melody saxophone, clarinet, oboe, and flute. “Apparitions” has a weird song structure, which intrigues with great riffing and experimentation. A good way to get us excited about the release of the full album!”

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