If you’re looking for an album that is gonna make you laugh, smile and just generally feel good, look no further! “Life Sucks…Let’s Dance! is the latest offering from ska-punk legends Reel Big Fish. It’s fast, happy, dirty and fun and if you don’t feel good after listening to it, listen again!

The albums title track Life Sucks…Let’s Dance! is track 1, and it sets the mood for the rest of the album. The chorus is a repetitive chant of ‘life sucks, so let’s dance’ and if the instrumental will get you grooving along in no time. Best listened to loud, and while you’re driving around in the summer with the music blaring and the windows down.

Next up is Pissed Off, and it’s a big fuck you track hidden behind a happy, fun beat. The lyrics tell a story of being pissed off by someone, and all the reasons why, and what their planned retribution is going to be. There’s a fun guitar solo around the two minute mark as well and it’s pretty epic. Track three and four, You Can’t Have All Of Me and In Love Again respectively, both continue the happy fun-time vibes of the first two tracks, with groove breakdowns around the middle of the tracks. Lyrically, the two tracks contradict each other a little bit, but I think the track order just adds to the fun of the album.

Tongue Tied and Tipsy Too is track five and there’s a lyric that really stuck with me ‘what a wonderful, awkward night’, and I think that’s because it’s a really accurate and relatable thing. The track as a whole is about being tongue tied and tipsy, as the title suggests and there’s more than a few of us out there that can relate to that 100%, am I right? Bleached Thang, Baby is next and while it gets a little bit repetitive, it’s still a fun little jam. Air guitar along to the guitar solo and get your body moving to this track.

Next comes Another Beer Song is track seven and it asks all the ‘hard’ questions. Does drinking a lot really help you get over a break up? That’s what Another Beer Song is about, and if you’ve ever drank to get over someone you’re going to relate to this one, a lot! Track eight is as funny as its title suggests, and it’s called Bob Marley’s Toe. It’s about, yep, you guessed it, Bob Marley’s little toe! The song asks ‘why didn’t you let them amputate your little toe?’, but thanks Bob Marley for reggae music. It certainty put a smile on this reviewer’s face!

Ska Show is up next and it would be a great hype song to play while on the way to a Reel Big Fish show! The songs lyrics talk about how everyone is welcome at a show, which is a really great message to spreading in today’s society. Everyone is always welcome at a show, and they are places where you are meant to have fun, and that’s exactly what the message of this song is. It’s a great positive message to be spreading and sending out to the masses and it’s great when bands that have the platform to do so, do it.

Track ten is The Good Old Days and while it’s not a slow song, in comparison to the rest of the album it is slow-er. After nine tracks of all out partying and totally bops, a slower, relaxed track is definitely welcome. GD Beautiful Day is next and it opens up a sweet little piano riff that continues throughout the track, setting the tone and pace. It’s another sad-message-hidden-behind-a-happy-beat track but lyrically it’ll give you a bit of a giggle.

The final three tracks are I Should Know By Now, I’d Rather Get It Wrong, and Walter’s Highlife. I Should Know By Now is one of the shorter tracks on the album, but it’s very much of a case of short, but sweet. I’d Rather Get It Wrong and it’s pretty much a love song with the opening lyrics being “I’d rather get it wrong with you, than right with anyone else”. It tells the story of a relationship that may contain a little bit of fighting ‘like a snake and a mongoose’, but regardless of this it’s love.

Walter’s Highlife is the final track and it’s a 4 minute 12 second instrumental. If the album were a movie, probably set in Hawaii with hula dancing, drinking and surfing, this is what would play during the final credits. It’s a really cool and different way to end an album.

‘Life Sucks…Let’s Dance! is just one big party, and it shows what Reel Big Fish specialise in – fun vibes and ska. There is a reason why they’ve been around for as long as they have and this album just showcases it in musical and lyrical form.

Life Sucks…Let’s Dance! Is out now via Rock Ridge Music and can be purchased HERE!