There are a lot of great alternative bands in Australia right now, and one of the many making a name for themselves is My Secret Circus. Their EP ‘Rise and Fall’ was surprise-released on November 13 of last year and it’s a ride from start to finish. While it may only be a six-track EP, the songs are huge and have a demanding, and commanding presence. My Secret Circus is vocalist Dan Marazita, bassist and vocalist Shane Rae, guitarist and vocalist Vinny Mancuso, and drummer Jimmy Mileto.

Track one is No Cigar and the first thing that comes into mind when the verse kicks in is if Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit had a love child. Marazita has 10 times the talent Durst does though, so there’s a lot more power in his voice. There is a lot going on vocally and musically, but there is harmony between the two and it doesn’t sound like the vocals are fighting the instrumental. The guitar part during the outro is really rock influenced and the track as a whole is a jam.

More is track two and the ride that started in No Cigar continues on towards its peak. The guitars in this track are a lot heavier and thrashier than in No Cigar. The vocals aren’t as clean as in the previous track but more growled and aggressive, except for in the chorus where there is a mix of growling and clean vocals. There is also a face-melting guitar solo from Mancuso around the 2 minute 20 mark of this track that I actually rewound so I could listen to twice, it was so good.

Superhero and Scars are tracks three and four respectively and each is different to the other. Superhero feels like it would fit well in the WWE for someone’s entrance music, or on a pay-per-view as the featured track. The vocals on the track are super impressive as well and Marazita, Rae and Mancuso show incredible range and harmonies throughout.

Scars would feel more fitting in a horror movie – something like Halloween – and the intro could play as Michael Myers ominously follows you down a dark street, brandishing a knife. The best word I can use to describe the track is ‘ominous’, both vocally and instrumentally. While the chorus’ are all sung, the verse is rapped and Marazita spits rhymes like it was what he was born to do.

Second to last is War Games, and it’s vastly different again from the previous tracks. It’s faster and heavier than the two previous tracks and is livelier as well. “This is a war game, can you hear the guns bang bang’ is the repetitive and prominent chorus and the seems to be a lot of influence from Limp Bizkit’s “Now I know why you wanna hate me” and that’s not a bad thing in this instance. It’s the shortest of the six album tracks and comes in at three minutes and it’s a highlight of the album for me.

The rollercoaster of this EP ends with the final track, Gravity. It’s the longest track on the album and electronica elements that have been peeking through on earlier tracks get a bit more attention throughout. It’s probably the most different track on the EP as well, but it’s a great note to end it on. ‘Rise And Fall’ really does feel like a punk rock rollercoaster that rises at the start, and finally comes to an end and you fall. You don’t fall in a bad way though and I can’t wait to see what My Secret Circus come up with next!

Pick up your copy of Rise and Fall (out now) from the band’s website HERE.