There’s not many times in a person’s life that you’ll put on an album expecting one thing and getting something greater, more grandiose than ever expected. This is the way to describe Fall & Resist’s latest release ‘Fading Cinders’. For a melodic death band from Victoria, Australia to give something this insanely big is one thing but to do it during a second release is absolutely huge.

From the moment you press play and you delve into Life and Death, you mistake yourself for having put on the wrong album. It’s a sound that you would expect from large scale blockbuster productions like Marvel or DC movies. Its an orchestral score that brings in a feeling that something big is coming and it continually builds and builds until it lightly flutters to a close. That close, however, is to bring on something even bigger.

Delving into the next track Severity, it just continuously builds and builds. The vocals of Frosty are fierce while the drum beats of Benito is large and intense and the guitar work of Frosty and Brendon with the bass work from Rory harmoniously intertwine into something you wouldn’t exactly expect from a band that’s only been on the scene for a few years.

The album itself, while only being 10 tracks long, is an intense rollercoaster on hyperdrive and it is one heck of a ride. Tracks like Pride and Glory kick off so fast that you don’t have time to comprehend what’s going on to begin with other than saying to yourself, “damn this is good”, but then there’s a song like Anger and Sadness that builds up so gently and even gave this music loving gamer a feeling of the classic Halo orchestral tracks and it melds perfectly into Meld Me.

No two tracks sound the same throughout this release and it is a huge breath of fresh air. The mixtures of sounds, stylings and creative differences would usually be a bands downfall but for Fall & Resist, it is their strength. Very rarely will bands be so diverse and so eclectic. Just the feel of this album alone gives it that large arena feel and with a lot to offer, it’s like there’s something for everyone on this release.

The main drawback to this release is that it’s only 10 tracks long. By the time you get to the end of the intense breakdown of Cinders, you’re left wanting more. Sure, you can repeat the album from the start, but I legitimately wanted more to listen to. ‘Fading Cinders’ drew me in and didn’t let go and not many albums can do that in a person’s lifetime.

Other than that, it’s almost impossible to flaw this release especially so early in their career. Just sitting back and taking in everything they have to offer over the course of the album is probably the best way to experience it as you can truly appreciate everything on offer.

It will be interesting to see where the band goes artistically from here but having experiences this bands potential, the next step would to see this release convert to their live show presence.

You can order and purchase ‘Fading Cinders’ HERE!