Lindsay Schoolcraft may be best known as the keyboardist and female vocalist of UK Black Metal stalwarts Cradle of Filth, but in just one week she will be gracing the haunted shores Down Under to showcase how diverse her talents really are! From DJing on New Year’s Eve to playing harp during a yoga session, Schoolcraft’s solo tour will have it all.

Reflecting on what it means to undertake her very first solo tour in Australia, including a show at Melbourne’s Forge Live Metal Nightclub, Schoolcraft enthuses, “I’m actually really excited for it. It’s a new opportunity. I was just supposed to do DJing, but that turned into this full scale of fun things that we’ve got going on thanks to Incursion. They had some really cool ideas, and it’s turning out the two weeks I’m going to be in Australia are going to be quite interesting!”

For the Forge show, Schoolcraft will be playing alongside violinist and vocalist Tim Charles and drummer Dan Presland from Melbourne’s own heavy-hitters, Ne Obliviscaris. “I’ve been asking them for quite a few weeks now,” Schoolcraft says wryly, “and they were like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!’ but you know it’s funny how, typical of us musicians always being on tour, we’re just literally organising it right now, which I think is hilarious. But they’re going to join me on stage for the final song, which is a cover, so I’m really looking forward to that.” Not only that, but Ne Obliviscaris harsh vocalist Xenoyr will also be DJing alongside Schoolcraft following the live portion of the night. “My bro, my homie, one of my best friends!” Schoolcraft is quick to put in.

Indeed, the friendship between Cradle of Filth and Ne Obliviscaris more broadly is a story worth telling in itself. “It’s quite the epic tale. It goes back more than five years ago when I first joined Cradle of Filth, and I did the world tour in 2013. There was this contest, and Dani had picked
the opening bands, and for Melbourne he picked Ne Obliviscaris, and they opened for us and they really blew us away. And then we all met and stayed in touch. I felt bad, it took me a few months to actually listen to their album, but when I did, it just blew me away. It was just a busy year for me,
first joining the band and getting into the rhythm of things. Lots going on right, when you change your career path so quickly? And after that they just carved their own path and they started getting big across the globe, and people were noticing them. Then Tim got a hold of me back in 2015 and
said, ‘Hey, we want to tour Europe, we want to tour America, any chance we could open for Cradle?’ And I brought it to Dani’s attention, and he was like, ‘Oh, I remember those guys, there were so good, absolutely,’ and the rest is history. We’ve all got the big bromance going on, and they’ve really done amazing things for themselves. I’m really proud of them. I saw them go from local dudes to being this internationally renowned band. Watching them grow like that over the years has been really cool. I’m like a proud mum,” she chuckles. “If you make really good music, that’ll carry you
through,” she adds. “Who cares about the rest of the stuff? Just make good music and the rest of it will work out.”

Coming back to Schoolcraft’s other dates, she says of the Incursion New Year’s Eve event, “That’s going to be fun. What a way to ring in the New Year! I’ve never done that before.” With regard to her DJing co-star Amelia Arsenic for the night, Schoolcraft adds, “I’ve known about her forever. I’ve
been following her for quite a while. I’m really excited to finally meet her and ask her about her life. How did you do it, you know what I mean? She’s really established herself. I’m looking forward to that.”

On top of all that, Schoolcraft will also be providing the musical accompaniment to a yoga session in Perth. “Yeah, that was something that just kind of came up and was put together as part of a black mass yoga thing. In the usual classes they listen to Heavy Metal and do yoga, but instead I’m going to be sitting there and playing harp for the hour they’re doing the yoga. So I’m just going to take the harp that I know for my set, and just change it a little, improvise. I’m not a huge improviser, but with
the harp it’s not chromatic, it’s in scale, so you can’t actually make it sound that bad; so I could improvise and write some stuff on the spot, and there won’t be any guesswork,” she laughs. “So that’ll be fun. I kind of want to join in on the yoga, I like yoga. But I’m the entertainer for evening.”
Whimsically, Schoolcraft adds, “You know, sometimes you just have to be open to saying ‘yes’ to things if they feel right. Working with Incursion, they thought of some really cool stuff and I really like their vibes. You only live once. I feel that artists that are like, ‘No, that’s not Metal enough,’ or
‘No, that’s not what musicians do,’ are just holding themselves back from these new opportunities and closing themselves off from different experiences in life. There’s a first time for everything, so yeah, I’m playing for a yoga class. I think that’s really cool.”

You can catch Lindsay Schoolcraft for a range of unique experiences in Australia, starting in Sydney on New Year’s Eve!