A Tribute To DEATH will be released on March 22nd, 2019, is a next tribute album from Antichrist magazine‘s tribute series! Here is a track-listing:

Torment Tool (Germany) – 1000 Eyes
Reject The Sickness (Belgium) – Suicide Machine
Symetria (USA) – Crystal Mountain
Dynasty of Darkness (International) – Symbolic
The Father of Serpents (Serbia) – Empty Words
Beltane (New Zealand) – Left to Die
SavageZ (Brazil) – The Philosopher
Searching For Reason (USA) – Voice of the Soul
Basement Torture Killings (UK) – Mutilation
Injector (Spain) – Within the Mind
Body Harvest (UK) – Spiritual Healing
Frosthelm (USA) – Overactive Imagination
Nethertale (Spain) – Lack Of Comprehension
Aetranok (USA) – Leprosy
Sichgart (Ukraine) – Legion of Doom
Unto the Wolves (USA) – Story To Tell
Rat King (USA) – Born Dead
Offal (Brazil) – Defensive Personalities
Wolftribe (Poland) – Pull The Plug
Hateful Agony (Germany) – Infernal Death
Abruptus (Mexico) – Land Of No Return

Keep an eye on updates!