It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… aka that time when we all freeze or boil for a week straight with our families and friends. Or with our cats and some metal. That last one might just be me though.

For anyone looking for a little more metal in their Christmas, I’ve gone and found a Christmas punk split and two more things that might be good. Let’s take a look!

Dad Brains/Ramoms- MerryXmas

American punk bands Dad Brains and Ramoms have teamed up for this punk Christmas split. Dad Brains deliver the first half of ‘MerryXmas’ with the solidly entertaining Grinch and the somewhat uneven It’s Christmas Time. Dad Brains are big on the yelling, and if that’s not your thing, this won’t convert you, especially when he starts yelling about La Croix. The Ramoms are a little more straightforward and consistent in terms of quality, and their half of the EP is quirky and fun – plus, it’s hard to go wrong covering the Ramones. At 20 minutes, this split is totally worth a few minutes out of the day for punk fans.

MerryXmas was released December 7. You can check it out here.

Coathanger Abortion/Sacrifical Slaughter/Rottenness – The Hate Divide (split)

‘Tis the season for split releases, apparently, and ‘The Hate Divide’ will look pretty tempting if you’ve got a brutal death metal fan on your list. Unfortunately Coathanger Abortion’s contribution to this split is pretty weak – the three covers are serviceable but not memorable, and the one original song they’ve added underutilises their musical chops and isn’t particularly interesting. On top of all this, their mix is also a little too lo-fi, crossing into muddy and underpowered. Sacrificial Slaughter’s songs are better written and produced, and Rottenness is my favourite of the three artists on this split. Their songs are tight and genuinely have a creepy edge with the clever samples, plus they easily have the best production of anyone on this split. Verdict? Listen to two-thirds of this split, then go check out something else by Coathanger Abortion.

The Hate Divide was released November 23. You can check it out here.

A Primitive Evolution – Becoming

All I want for Christmas is new industrial, and lucky for me A Primitive Evolution delivers with their new album ‘Becoming’. Becoming is heavier on the guitars and lighter on the synths, which will appeal to fans of the ‘metal’ in industrial metal. This record starts off feeling a bit like a Nine Inch Nails clone, albeit a very well-executed one, but something magical happens around Ghost. A Primitive Evolution find their own voice from the sea of NIN and Ministry influences, and Becoming evolves into a blend of alternative rock and lush electronic layers, culminating in the awesome final track Echo. If you’re into electronic or industrial rock, definitely check this one out!

Becoming was released October 5 via Metropolis Records. You can check it out here.