Photos by Elizabeth Sharpe

With it being so close to Christmas and being such a hectic time of year for almost everyone it was so blissful to be heading into The Triffid on a Thursday night to catch some live music. The Triffid is one of my absolute favourite live music venues; with a beautiful stage area, brilliant sound and great food, drinks and lovely staff, any gig at The Triffid is always going to be a good time. Brisbane music fans were treated to Living Colour’s Vivid 30th Anniversary Tour with top shelf support from the always brilliant local legends Osaka Punch and Sydney’s hard rocking sweethearts Flickertail. The Triffid was busy and bustling with eager fans waiting for a night of music to tune into and tune out from the days responsibilities and worries. Live music is the perfect remedy.

First up Flickertail hit the stage with a high level and high energy performance that had the punters who got there early enjoying every minute. These guys sound like a perfectly blended smoothie of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes and Thin Lizzy. With really clever lyrics and some amazing talent, they kicked off the night perfectly. Opening their set with their track Let There Be Love, there was definite love in the room for the Flickertail guys. Frontman Liam Whelan was clearly born to front a band like this and his performance was faultless. The stand out for me was their cover of David Bowie’s Heros which was delivered perfectly and had everyone in the room singing along.

The next band really needs no introduction and it is hard to put into words how completely amazing every Osaka Punch live performance really is. Waltzing onto the stage to Thank You For Being A Friend by Andrew Gold and made famous as The Golden Girls theme song, it was clear the guys were ready to party and to deliver yet another brilliant live show for their fans. Opening with a personal favourite of mine, How We Operate and also treating us to their heavy rock rendition of Salt ‘N Pepa’s Push it, Osaka had the crowd eating out of their hands. The guys are not only ridiculously talented but they also have the best sense of humor which is clearly displayed through their videos and live performances. At one stage frontman Jack Venables grabbed a fans phone and took photos of himself and guitarist Chrispy on stage before handing it back to its owner, now those are photos that will be forever cherished I am quite sure! The band all performed brilliantly and I am forever blown away by the talent they share, though last night my eyes kept diverting to Chrispy, he is one of my favourite guitarists to watch play live ever. Some bands just give me a warm fuzzy feeling after watching a performance and Osaka are one of those bands. The minute the set ended I just wanted it to start all over again.

Living Colour have been rocking out hard since 1984, I remember watching their clips on Rage when I was a little girl and finally seeing them perform live was a tick off the bucket list. With their sound a blend of rock, funk, jazz and metal, Living Colour appeal to so many music lovers. To celebrate the anniversary of the release of their debut album ‘Vivid’ 30 years ago they have spent this month touring around Australia and New Zealand delivering stellar performances with a high quality list of support bands for each show. The tour continues onto Byron Bay tonight and will be finishing up in Sydney on Saturday night. Playing a nice long set full of all the fan favourites and saving the biggest and most well known hits until towards the end of the set; the clear winners were Love Rears Its Ugly Head and Cult Of Personality. I am quite sure every single person in the room sung along to every single word for those two tracks and for me the highlight of their whole performance was definitely seeing them perform these two classic and timeless songs. Living Colour are experienced and dedicated musicians and performers, with their performance last night proving they still know how to rock hard after many moons of doing live shows and making magic through their music.

If you’re in Byron tonight or Sydney tomorrow night I highly recommend you get to their shows! You can get your tickets HERE.