A  hell of a lot has happened in the last two decades, but Taking Back Sunday have something extraordinary to celebrate in the new year – they’ve officially been a band for twenty bloody years! The New York natives are celebrating in style, launching an anniversary world tour that includes Australia amongst its first dates. In addition, Taking Back Sunday are releasing a massive commemorative collection of their best work from the start of their career to the present, simply named “Twenty”. Taking the time to put together 21 songs from seven different albums is a remarkable effort by the band. It serves wonderfully to highlight the appreciation they have for their extensive past while enjoying their progression and looking ahead to the future. Speaking of looking ahead to the future, Taking Back Sunday quietly hopped back into the studio to record two brand new songs, as if the tour and the release weren’t enticing enough!

Fortunately, we don’t have long to wait before we can get a copy of our own; “Twenty” is set to be released on the 11th of January next year through Craft Recordings. To make the already brief wait even easier, the band have released one of the songs early. Their new single “All Ready To Go” is available to stream or download now, so get online and get listening! In the meantime, Overdrive Mag is here to give the details of what makes their new single so awesome.

It’s been a long two years since the band have come out with any new music, so it was quite a shock to hear just how far the band have come. The days where anguish and anger bled from their music seem to have passed; “All Ready To Go” inspires feelings of positivity and hope, made passionate when moulded by their distinctive sound. With uplifting but still deceptively heavy guitars and a fierce drumbeat kicking the song into gear early to make for a damn solid structure for the song to blossom over. Despite the happier tone of the song, the lyrics speak of heartbreak and hurt. The chorus hits the soul, with the lines “I was livid, you weren’t listening, it didn’t matter, you were leaving, you were all ready to go” depicting an all-too familiar painful situation for most. Adam Lazzara’s singing capabilities never disappoint, as he delivers his intense distorted vocals and smooth cleans with ease. This track has the feeling of an old memory seen through rose-coloured glasses; the sharp pain of it’s edges have been worn soft with age, giving an almost romantic poignancy to the familiar ache of an old heartbreak.

I found myself enjoying this song from start to finish; the inspiring tone juxtaposed with the emotional lyrics helped bring to light a whole world of different perspectives and interpretations to be drawn from just one track. If you’re a fan of Taking Back Sunday or you want to discover their music, I recommend you give their new single “All Ready To Go” a listen. To make things even better, the band just recently dropped a music video for the track too! Take a look for yourself or download the single and pre-order your own copy of “Twenty” HERE!