Iconic pop-punk band The Wonder Years took the stage in Melbourne for their first Australian show in 2 years. The heat was no competitor for the heavyweight band and their dedicated fans, who not only packed Melbourne’s newest venue Stay Gold door to walls, but tore it up through every song in a frenzy of a mosh.

However, I’m getting ahead of myself. First up to warm up the stage were local Melbourne band Just About Done. The four-piece consisting of the incredible Samantha Mcgee on vocals, drumming powerhouse Michael March, Jack Farnfield and Stephan Vettivelu tearing it up on the guitar and fill in bassist Simon Aistrope tearing it up for the first show with the group. Personally a band I had always heard about but never seen, they did not fail to live upto the hype. As the room filled out over the duration of their set, it is safe to say everyone in the room was impressed as the band had everyone up and dancing. Those who knew the band before screaming the words with all their heart, and those who hadn’t walking away with a new found love for the band on the climb.

British pop-punk band Boston Manor then took the stage for their first ever Australian show. The band, originating in 2013, have always wanted to come and play the Australian shores, and so they were welcomed with blistering heat and a rowdy crowd ready to tackle it. With sweat pouring from their faces the Boston Manor boys smashed out an unforgettable set including both their older songs, and songs from their new album ‘Welcome to the Neighbourhood’ which dropped in September this year. The mosh went absolutely wild for the band we have waited years to see. From nearly getting knocked out by crowd surfers to being soaked in a mixture of other people’s drinks and sweat, it was an absolutely mental set, but none of that bothered anyone as we continued to scream along to the phenomenal voice of frontman Henry Cox. It’s not only surreal but rare to hear a band you couldn’t imagine being any more amazing then their recordings already show, and them being even more godly live, and Boston Manor absolutely proved to be one of those bands. Despite the heat and the jet-lag the boys were full of energy and put on a phenomenal show.

Finally, it was time for The Wonder Years, the room had easily hit 40 degrees, as people melted the ice from their drinks on their faces in an attempt to stay cool, but we knew it was all gonna be worth it from the second they took the stage. Starting the show with some songs from their latest release ‘Sister Cities’ and also rewarding the 2 year long wait with some of their older tracks, no one could have left disappointed. Crowd-surfer after crowd-surfer stormed the stage throughout every song in the intimate venue. You’d think at a show where the vocalist Dan Campbell takes a moment to apologise incase he threw up due to a combination of the sauna like heat and the jet-lag the American band had been facing from the flight hear would be one where everyone is slightly off their game, but the energy of the room was the highest of any show I’ve ever been to. The dedication of both the band, and their listeners did not go unnoticed. A band that many of the people in the room group up listening to and meant so much to everyone there, it was easy to see that everyone was in it through whatever obstacles. Matt Brasch, Nick Steinborn, Casey Cavaliere took the stage by storm with their energetic guitars and passionate backing vocals, Josh Martin destroying it on bass, Mike Kennedy smashing out some of the best drumming I’ve ever seen. It was easy to tell that although the band have been doing this for a long time, they wouldn’t trade gigs like this for anything in the world.