If I had to choose a word to describe the show it would definitely be HOT! Melbourne put on a stellar 35 degree day for God’s Favourite Boyband, a.k.a Waterparks’ Good Things Festival sideshow at Wrangler Studios in Footscray. The weather was hot,the venue was hot, the crowd were hot, and the bands were hot! In more waysthan one when it came to the bands!

First up was Melbourne pop-punk outfit The Playbook, led by vocalist Laura D’Urbano. As far as frontwomen go, Laura definitely had some moves! She was more than happy to get up close and personal with the sold-out crowd from the very first song and despite the heat she and her fellow bandmates Brent Monkhorst, Jamie Rolfe, Stu Watts and Kaine Jenkins put on a great show.As the opener their job is to warm up the crowd and they definitely did. All five gave 100% from the start to the end of their set and they are ones to lookout for. Stay tuned to see what they do next!

Next to play was Maefire,a four-piece rock’n’roll band who also hail from Melbourne. Maefire features David Scammell on vocals, Cameron Leigh Eaton and Dave Tran on guitar, and bassist Geoffrey Mark Taylor. In a venue that is as intimate as Wrangler, it’s hard not to get up close and personal with your crowd, and as with Laura from The Playbook, David was more than happy to get right in the crowds faces. Playing a hometown show is always going to have an advantage, but Maefire weren’t complacent and worked to get the crowd excited. It didn’t take long for the crowd to get involved however, and foremost of their set Maefire had the majority of us singing along and put on a great performance.

With the crowd sufficiently warmed up both physically and literally, it was time for Waterparks to take to the stage. Led to stage by drummer Otto Wood, followed by guitarist Geoff Wigington and then joined by vocalist Awsten Knight, it was clear from the screams from the all-ages crowd that everyone was excited. It’s the first time Waterparks have played a headline show in Melbourne, and only the second time they’ve played in the state after touring with The Maine earlier this year and that only served to hype the crowd even more. Opening with Blonde, the leading single from their latest album ‘Entertainment’ the boys from Texas were ready to party. Awsten braved the heat and took to the stage in skinny jeans and a jumper, Geoff dressed slightly more weather appropriate in skinny jeans and a tank top, but it was Otto who won the clothing contest in shorts and a t-shirt (which had large holes in the armpits), however the t-shirt only latest two songs before being taken off.

As with Maefire and The Playbook, Waterparks put 110% into their performance despite the crazy heat inside the venue. Awsten even commented “this is the hottest show we’ve played this year, and we played in Florida!” to which Geoff and Otto agreed. They busted out favourites like Crave and Royal, as well as a few of their older songs including Take Her To The Moon where Awsten handed over the singing to the crowd who were more than happy to oblige. In fact, the crowd were more than happy to sing along throughout the entire set. It was great to see that even though it was really hot, the crowd were happy to giveback as much to Waterparks as they were giving us. Even if Awsten did take a moment to make fun of the way Australian’s say the word ‘no’, but of course everyone was more than happy to oblige when he repeatedly asked us to say it.

Leaving the stage for a brief moment, Awsten returned with an acoustic guitar (and in a t-shirt, phew!) to play Lucky People before Geoff and Ottore joined him and they finished up their set with Stupid For You. Waterparks unfortunately had to cut their set short due to the extreme heat but the performance they gave was incredible. Hopefully we see them return very soon in a bigger venue that they will more than likely sell out due to their massive popularity in Australia, which was evident fromthe energy and dedication from the crowd. Thank you, Waterparks, please comeback soon!

Special mentions to the staff and security at Wrangler Studios who braved the mosh to make sure that everyone had water when they needed it. We wouldn’t have made it through the show without you guys, thank you!