FALL are dropping a new EP, and boy, is it ever a wild ride!

Texas might seem like an odd place to find awesome metal with Scandinavian influences like Soilwork and At the Gates, but Portland melodic metal 4-piece called FALL have been working hard and delivering quality tracks since forming in 2010. Having built their reputation early by recording an EP featuring a track with Bjorn Strid from Soilwork on guest vocals and sharing the stage with bands like Helstar and Periphery, this is a band that has made waves right from the start. With Jesse Santos on rhythm guitar and vocals, Daniel Benevides on lead/rhythm guitar, David Gutierrez on bass and Lorenzo Perez on drums, these musicians combine forces to forge a unique and galvanising sound. Here at Overdrive Mag we’re quite excited to find out that FALL will be releasing a new EP called Dreamer of Tragedy, out on the 21st of December. Comprised of four impressive tracks, FALL have managed to deliver a comprehensive new perspective on modern melodic metal in only a short duration.

Beginning the album with “Ascend”, the track takes off slowly with clean guitars, drum fills and melodic vocals. Before long, low tuned guitars and striking piano notes build until the song is overflowing with impressive screaming vocals and fast-paced drumming. The guitar solo is an instant reminder of their musical influences, beautifully structured and boasting stunning technical skill. “Ascend “ is a fascinating combination of violent intensity and melodic delicacy; a shining example of their ability to strike a balance in the unlikeliest of places.

Track 2, “Defender”, begins with a solid and ponderous bassline, that becomes the foundation for relaxed guitars and vocals. The chorus packs a surprising amount of power, before almost disappointingly devolving back into the chilled-out vibe constructed in the first verse. The song builds in clean melodic emotion before snapping into a crushing breakdown, then tossing in a stunning keyboard solo a few moments later to give the singer a feeling of musical whiplash. The haphazard feeling of this song is a little off-putting, but I can appreciate their ability to incorporate so many ideas into a track and have it still turn out sounding decent.

“Heir to Silence” carries a soaring melody that the band turns sinister on a whim, dodging between passionate and regal sentiment and visceral riffs that sound like they weigh a tonne. Perez’s drumming is absolutely stunning in this track, with quick-fire blast beats and precise fills serving to drive the heavier parts of the song to new levels.

Closing out the four tracks is “Longing Spirits”, with Santos utilising lower clean vocals that seem to fit the band’s music even better. This track surges ebbs and surges with energy like the other tracks, but “Longing Spirits” feels like a track with far more direction and purpose, carrying a cohesive structure while still containing the quintessence of FALLs distinctive sound. The combination of down-tuned, chugging guitars and far-spaced piano notes takes us full-circle back to the sound of the first song on The Dreamer of Tragedy, only with far more passion and intelligent design. “Longing Spirits” had me wanting more of their music, and I was suddenly sad that the EP was only four songs in length.

All in all, I think FALL have delivered set of songs that are pioneering in their willingness to push boundaries to breaking point. “Longing Spirits” especially piqued my interest and has made me curious about what the future holds for the band. While they could stand to make the transitions between ideas in their tracks a little more smooth and easier to keep track of, I can’t help but be blown away by their refreshing take on melodic metal. If you want to snag a copy for yourself, then either pre-order now or hop online and visit bandcamp HERE on the 21st of December and give them a go!