New Label Takes Innovative Approach To Developing Rock Artists Through Touring And Live Events

Label founder Tony Guanci, along with a team of music industry leaders in A&R, touring, live events, promotions and marketing, today announced the formation of EDGEOUT Records, an innovative label designed to find and develop the next generation of rock bands.

EDGEOUT is focused on signing and breaking artists by developing their fanbase through recorded music as well as touring and festivals across the U.S. and internationally. The label’s mission will be to help develop every aspect of an artist’s career including their overall sound, song structure, live stage performance, image/branding, personal wellness, and the art of the music business.

For global distribution, marketing and promotion, EDGEOUT has signed an exclusive label service agreement with Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s leading music-based entertainment company. With the agreement, EDGEOUT will have the flexibility to work closely with UMG’s labels to break artists around the world.

In making the announcement, EDGEOUT Founder and Chairman Tony Guanci said,“More than any other genre of music, successful rock bands have historically built their fanbase through touring and live performances. At EDGEOUT, I plan to use my 30 years of experience and connections in touring and promotion to ensure our artists have access to the most coveted tours and festivals, which will allow them to organically reach new audiences and promote their latest tracks.”

Cheryl Benson, Head of Artist Development, said, “At EDGEOUT, we’re passionate about ensuring that all aspects of an artist’s career are positioned for success. Often, all a band requires is the proper direction, guidance and help to connect with audiences already eager for the next great band to come along. We have the experience and connections to make sure those first songs lead to long-lasting careers in writing, recording and touring.”

For more info on Edge records and the submission process, head to 

STUDIO EDGE is EDGEOUT Records’ artist development program designed to discover, vet and sign young radio friendly rock ‘n’ roll bands and artists.

STUDIO EDGE is held in Los Angeles, California. Each session is approximately six months in duration and consists of three separate sessions, each over the course of two full days. At the end of each session, bands/artists will leave LA with various goals and project deadlines they must achieve.

A number of bands / artists will be selected through an extensive submission process. Chosen bands will be offered exercisable recording contracts prior to the session start date. At the completion of the program, EDGEOUT will evaluate each band/artist and determine the agreement.

In order to be considered for STUDIO EDGE, bands/artists must be referred by a third party (managers, agents, lawyers, industry leaders, music executives). For full details, visit: