Whilst Redemptor aren’t necessarily a known band around the world, the 4 piece is known around Poland as somewhat of a supergroup. Having members such as the current bass player of Decapitated, Hubert Więcek, along with previous members such as Krimh (a well known name among the Death Metal scene, surely) and even a past member of Cryptopsy, Redemptor have had their fair share of members in the past; which helps lead in to the overall theme of their latest release, ‘The Becoming (2005-2011)’, a compilation of their recorded material from – you guessed it – 2005-2011.

What holds this compilation album in a high regard in my eyes, is the fact that you can almost instantly hear the progression of the bands’ songwriting capabilities, as well as member changes and overall talent. The first section of the album is taken from their 2005 release, ‘None Pointless Balance’, where guitarist and band founder Daniel Kesler takes the double duty of vocals and guitar performance. You’re instantly treated to the old school, Death influenced death metal in songs such as Whispering Balance, Return of Kermes and Spleen, and whilst it is influenced by Death and Chuck Schuldiner, it’s almost TOO reminiscent; from the songwriting to even the overall production and mix/master.

The second part of the compilation album is taken from the 2009 demo, ‘Nanosynthesis’, which takes much more of a Technical and Progressive Death Metal route, which were honestly my least favourite tracks of the album. After coming from the debut album ‘None Pointless Balance’, my expectations were let down, especially due to the overall production of the record; it’s as if the mix/master session was bounced through a literal piece of cardboard, it sounded that plain. As for the songwriting itself, Redemptor had gone through a huge lineup change in between the time of the debut album and the demo (most notably Kesler stepping down from vocals and hiring Michał Loranc, giving way for more technical, interesting riffs), and it was incredibly evident, as the chemistry and performance of each instrument brought itself up and improved immensely.

The final part of ‘The Becoming (2005-2011)’ consists of the band’s 2011 EP, ‘4th Density’, which sees the band delve into the Progressive territory and embrace each members’ full potential, with this section also being the introduction of Więcek, who later joined Decapitated and featured on the ‘Anticult’ release. The pure chemistry between Więcek, Kesler and drummer Jakub Chmura is not only evident, it’s astoundingly prominent, giving the compilation release a lot more flavour than the first two parts of the release. One of the most intriguing developments over the years of Redemptor is the vocalists; Loranc and Kesler – I can guarantee that at one point in listening to this album, you’re going to forget that you’re listening to Redemptor and instead get pushed into the Decapitated realm, with Kesler strongly resembling original vocalist Wojciech Wąsowicz and Loranc also strongly resembling current vocalist Rafał Piotrowski.

Filled with technical ferocity and violent riffing, Redemptor’s compilation album ‘The Becoming (2005-2011)’  showcases a formidable progression in songwriting capabilities and impressive talent. Overall, this compilation record is definitely one that all Polish Death Metal fans should touch on at least once, as well as just normal Death Metal fans, to truly understand musical progression and technicality.

You can grab yourself a copy of ‘The Becoming (2005-2011)’ RIGHT HERE!