Coming out of Northampton in the UK is a stunningly driven and talented prog band by the name of Voices from the Fuselage. The triumphant release of their 2015 album “Odyssey: Destroyer of Worlds” showcased the band’s dark and impassioned blend of prog with just a touch of emotional contemporary alt-rock. Ashe O’Hara’s clean vocals are a perfect fit for the atmospheric music delivered by Mitch Ramsay and Josh Galloway on guitars with Scott Lockhart on drums. Earlier this month, Voices from the Fuselage dropped a new LP, something of a continuation from their previous album. Released via Whitestar Records on the 9th of November, “Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams” takes the lyrical themes of faith, science and all things involving internal strife to a new level. The fantastic single that the band released ahead of time, called “Nine Levels” demonstrated the conceptual development of their sound, and now Overdrive Mag can delve into the magnificence of “Odyssey: Founder of Dreams”. With 10 tracks containing their own hefty durations, Voices from the Fuselage have given us quite a lot to bite into.

Setting the overarching musical themes for the album is the opening track called “Via”. The eerie piano-led intro and alt-pop tinged chorus gives way into a surprisingly heavy but still emotion-laden break. “The Monolith” takes the heavy vibes and runs with it, with Ramsay and Galloway’s guitars spitting dark and brooding riffs to accompany O’Hara’s deeper than usual vocals. A soundscape of darkness and uncertainty is being carefully constructed by the band as the songs progress, with “Life on Titan” taking a more subtle but still crushing prog approach to exploring the delicacy of hope and despair. The breakdown in “Life on Titan” is a pleasant surprise and a well-executed diversion in an otherwise incredibly poignant song.

The album’s pre-release single, “Nine Levels” has a more intense tempo and upbeat vibe, serving well to release some of the tension built by the first three songs. Lockhart’s snare-heavy technicality on drums perfectly befits the mood of the song to great effect. “Vault of Heaven” takes it’s place as the perfect auditory chill-pill after the energy of the previous songs, delivering a careful dose of melancholic resolve instead. “Vestibule of Hell” follows like a slap in the face, with an aggressive rolling guitar riff taking control of an impressive intro with a chorus that packs twice the punch.

“Grave Digging” has a deceptively gentle intro, breaking into a heavy and urgent verse just bleeding pain and torment. “Domus” carries the same feeling, but with a strangely uplifting chorus to add contrast and interest. Carrying a curiously ethereal intro is the track “Destitute”, giving the listener a disjointed feeling of peace before devolving into a decidedly shadowy guitar break.

Closing the album with an epic nine minute-long musical adventure, “Machina” develops from a brass-led intro to focus on O’Hara’s vocals as he leads the listener into the grip of the song. “Machina” offers a serve-all platter comprising of everything that Voices from the Fuselage have sought to achieve with this album. As the track marches through chugging riffs, stunning vocals, expert musical progression and intelligent interconnection, the true qualities of the song become apparent. The one and only guitar of the entire album is a wonderful addition, showcasing a fair bit of un-tapped talent and bringing the song to a new level.

I personally have come away from this album feeling impressed and satisfied. While it wasn’t too heavy on the technical prowess that I’ve come to expect from the genre, Voices from the Fuselage have never been too worried about fitting into stereotypes. Their new album “Odyssey: The Founder of Dreams” more than makes up for that in the sheer volume of dire fervency of feeling on offer to experience. The band have delivered an acutely thoughtful and introverted set of songs that will both satisfy your nihilistic tendencies, and make you consider the world from a new perspective. If you’d like to hear for yourself, the album is already out for purchase through iTunes, Amazon or on CD via Voices from the Fuselage’s website HERE