Doom bands DAYGLO MOURNING and BLUDY GYRES are streaming their new split Rope Enough For Two over at Decibel Magazine.  The album will be released on December 7th 2018 on CD and vinyl and consists of three tracks from Dayglo Mourning and an 18-minute long suite by Bludy Gyres loosely based on Jack and the Beanstalk.


You can stream the full album via Decibel Magazine HERE, or PREORDER HERE.



About Dayglo Mourning:

Formed in the summer of 2017 doom metal band Dayglo Mourning quickly began performing while building a following drawn to their massive down tuned riffs and crushing show volumes.  “Rope Enough for Two” debuts the first three tracks recorded by the trio which gives a glimpse into their dark and heavy style with a promise of more to come.  Drawing on the influence of decades of metal appreciation, this new band strives to pull the listener in to an exploration of sound that transcends the ear and reaches the soul.  Sounds that take hold of and manipulate the subconscious, manifesting in the uncontrollable need to sway to the riffs being offered.


About Bludy Gyres:

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, USA the doom metal quartet known as the mysteriously named Bludy Gyres is made up of guitarist Isidore Herman, drummer Dennis Reed, guitarist Chris Abbamonte, and bassist/vocalist Tommy Stewart; these last two both originally from Hallows Eve. They founded their band in 2014 with roots deeply seated in Black Sabbath territory and a fondness of 70’s British Prog found it’s way in as well. After releasing the self-titled EP “Bludy Gyres” in 2014 and the epic 18 minute single “Behold! Your World Now Burns” in 2015, there was another release of a single in 2016. “Defy the Lie’ was produced at Tommy Stewart’s Blue Ogre Noise Lab and released as a sample of what was going to be the full length album for their 2017 release ‘Echoes of a Distant Scream’. The band signed with Bordeaux France’s SoMan Records and released a Limited Edition vinyl and CD.


Since then Bludy Gyres re-released “Behold! Your World Now Burns” as a re-mastered digital release in 2018 and got enough good response that Tommy Stewart took the track back into the studio for a re-mix, adding tracks, and yet another re-master. This version is now part of the up-coming split release of another Atlanta based doom band, DayGlo Mourning, and is scheduled to be available as a Limited Edition, numbered, deluxe vinyl version from Black Doomba Records in the later part of 2018.