Norwegian trio Fauna Timbre have teamed up with The Obelisk to premiere two videos of acoustic performances by the band. The first video is a medley of two tracks from the band’s recently released EP ‘Altering Echoes,’ while the other video Claws is from an upcoming release.

The band commented: “Umbra/Memory Leak” is a medley of a couple of parts of the songs off Altering Echoes that works in an acoustic setting. It might not be representative for the EP as a whole, but we wanted to maintain the atmosphere, and I think the songs translate to the new setting in that sense. After spending a lot of time on an album it’s good to sometimes bring some new life to the tracks and do something different.

“Claws is a track from the upcoming album we are currently writing and producing. It’s pretty mellow track compared to the rest of the new album, and we figured we wanted to do something different and make a stripped down version of it. It might us some ideas on the arrangement before going into the studio. Captured on the Norwegian countryside in a cold house in October”

Watch the videos HERE. 

Purchase Altering Echoes HERE.