In order to truly understand Flat Earth and their appropriate sound, it helps to know that this supergroup consists of members from H.I.M and Amorphis, so it goes without saying that you’re in for a ride, especially if you’re familiar with the aforementioned groups. So it also goes without saying, that when sitting down and listening to the debut album ‘None For One’ by the supergroup, you’re in for a treat, filled with magnetic melodies, beautifully destructive riffs and passionate undertones, that won’t only leave you a fan of the band, it’ll see you becoming absolutely obsessed.

One thing you can notice from the get-go is that the musicianship, production and songwriting capabilities are definitely that of a professional level, projecting a lot more dynamic, depth and keeping things engaging constantly. It definitely helps that the members are all from acclaimed bands, but it also puts them up on a higher standard compared to local bands starting out, but what’s so great about Flat Earth is that they not only match the standard, but rise above it in order to create captivating, spellbinding alternative rock.

Beginning the album with Subhuman, the band kick it off in straight up, no holds barred Rock n’ Roll fashion, delving into eccentric harmonies performed by guitarist Mikko Lindström, matching with the incredibly passionate rhythm sections with Niclas Etelävuoric on bass and Mika Karppinen on drums, giving us merely but a taste of the almost flawless album that is ‘None For One’. Continuing the album with Blame, vocalist Anttoni Pikkarainen truly shines with his incredibly performed melodies, perfect syncopation and chemistry with the guitar riffs and the drums and his writing capabilities, proving that he’s one of the best in the game.

If you want to talk about tracks that stand out amongst the rest however, look no further than the title track, None For One. Beautifully melodic, with Metallica-inspired harmonies and guitar melodies that will leave you shock at the sheer beauty, construction and musicianship. The title track delivers some of the most mesmerizing sections on this album, and whilst it’s set in the typical song structure you see in Alternative Rock, it’s complemented by sheer rawness and emotion that’s incredibly hard to capture in music; but Flat Earth do it perfectly, and it’s not something to be missed.

Kill My God. Oh my god. This track, is one of the most insane album closers I’ve heard in a long time. The layers of rhythms, harmonies and guitars project themselves in a manner that doesn’t over do it, but meets the fine line of spell-binding and beauty, especially matched with Etelävuoric’s performance on the bass, which adds the depth that the song really needed to push itself above the rest. Piece that together with Karppinen’s wonderful, immerse yet simple drum performance and vocalist Pikkarainen’s layered vocal harmonies and lyricism, this song takes the cake for not only the most interesting, but the most emotionally driven track on the album.

What pieces this album together as one of the most incredible alternative rock albums of 2018, is but a simple mixture of impressive songwriting capabilities, flawless lyricism, attention to detail and stunning production. Each member of the band gives themselves their own space and time to shine, whist not going overboard, keeping constantly with the flow of the record. The transitions between choruses and verses are incredibly smooth, that it’s easy to just be lost in a trance and embrace the emotion and power behind the record, and especially the overall production. The mix/master keeps the songs fruitful and interesting, but doesn’t overpower the songs to such an extent that you’re left wondering about the mix/master, but rather, feel like you’re just listening to a collection of well written songs, unbelievable riffs and interesting, thought provoking lyricism.

Beautifully melodic, expressive and catchy, Flat Earth’s newest offering ‘None For One’ initiates the seemingly perfect midpoint between heavy and emotional. If you’re a fan of H.I.M, Amorphis, Polanski or just a fan of pure, eccentric and mesmerizing Alternative Rock, this album is an absolute must. Purchase this beautiful record HERE!