Before I dig too deeply into the actual album and my honest thoughts of this diabolical death metal record, it has to be noted that the actual musicianship and character that the instrumentalists project is actually pretty phenomenal. The overall songwriting, for the most part, is extremely well thought out and delivers a range of darkness, brutality and pure violence; the usual characteristics of the genre. The outstanding riffage from guitarists Jyri Lustig and Matti Mäkelä, combined with the extremity of Jussi-Pekka Manner’s drumming allowed for such an evil and dark ambience, that gives the band a lot of leverage.

Corpsessed begin ‘Impetus of Death’ with the track Impetus of the Dead, immediately setting an unsettling, eerie tone that prolongs itself throughout the album, added with the catchy, melodic yet dark riffing from guitarists Lustig and Mäkelä. As the track starts, rather than taking the simple death metal approach, the quintet incorporate a doomy, gloomy atmosphere, which then transitions into a more classic, brutal death metal approach. The band keep the underlying intensity provided by the first track with Sortilege, resorting to a more classic death metal, almost giving off an old Deicide influence.

Continuing with Endless Plains of Dust, Corpsessed come blasting through with an immense wall of noise, that whilst almost muddled at times, still gives leeway for the most parts. Vocalist Niko Matlainen allows himself to truly shine in Graveborn, switching between highs and lows, utilizing his range to his fullest extent, yet not pushing his boundaries to such a harsh extent. Paroxysmal is where drummer Manner brings his all and shows off his immense talent behind the kit, switching from some really, really impressive blast beats, to pile-driving kick sections and mind blowing drum fills that many drummers, even in death metal, simply struggle to perform.

Corpsessed bring back their uniqueness of unsettling, dark undertones provided by Impetus of the Dead, with memorable riffs, horror-inspired minor keys and sludginess that creates an incredible atmosphere for their band; definitely the highlight of the album. The band maintain the dark vibes as they transition into Begetter of Doom, whilst pushing themselves back to the old school Death Metal sound, with an immense shock of blast beats, tremolo picking and riffage that proves the band has an immense plethora of talent.

As an album ender, the Finnish quintet finish off with Starless Event Horizon, which honestly, was the biggest let down track of the album. Whilst it does ‘essentially’ complete the album with its atmosphere and undertones, it tends to drag on and become excessive, lacking in interesting sections and not really giving Corpsessed much variety. I do love my long songs, I LOVE my long songs, but Starless Event Horizon felt a bit unnecessary for an 11 minute track; it could have easily been shorted down to either 6 minutes, or split into 2 tracks, which would have given the band a lot of wiggle room in terms of composition and artistry.

Another main thing about ‘Impetus of Death’ that truly let the album down as a whole, even though it was spectacularly composed for the most part, was the production quality and the overall quality of the original recordings made by the members. The guitar in a few sections felt either rushed or not recorded properly, which undermines the band’s integrity. Sure, MAYBE Corpsessed was going for the whole ‘o-g death metal; raw, relentless and BRVTAL!!!’ sound, but I’m not a huge fan of that, especially when the tremolo picking sounds scrappy, lackluster and underdeveloped; it takes away from the overall tone of the album and makes me feel that it wasn’t recorded, or cared about enough to be fixed (I’m looking at you, Sortilege).

Whilst spectacularly written and composed (for the most part), Corpsessed’s ‘Impetus of Death’ is stuck in an endless realm of lackluster production and poorly recorded stems that seem lazy, rather than ‘original’. However, if you dig the singles, don’t be afraid to preorder and purchase the album HERE!