Since forming in Montreal, Canada in late 2007, The Great Sabatini has released four EPs and four full length albums, and logged seemingly endless tour dates around North America and Europe. The music is an aggressive mixture of noise rock, doom, hardcore, and metal wrapped up in a burly sludge aesthetic.

After working together for 11 years, the band has refined their heartfelt noisy sludge to perfection. Their upcoming album “Goodbye Audio” due out November 16th, 2018 is a prime example of the harmony and aptitude that can only come from over a decade of being together; it’s a more robust and evolved sound, but still maintaining the caustic energy they had when they started.

Teaming up with Revolver Mag, the quartet is premiering the album’s full stream HERE.

“For me, working on ‘Goodbye Audio’ was like a coping mechanism after losing some people in my life. When that sort of thing happens, and you’re a bit less distracted from your own mortality for a bit, all kinds of shit comes floating up to the surface of your creative well. But that stuff is sort of like window dressing to me at this point… what we all really wanted to do was write and record something that was just real dirty Rock and Roll… we tried to play to our strengths as a band and not get too complicated. Our main focus was to serve the song. Recording 90% of the record live off the floor with Sean Pearson and getting Scott Evans to mix it all was a conscious step in that direction. Rock bands should be able to play their own songs and a good engineer should be able to capture it. I feel like all of those aspects lined up nicely for this record.” says guitarist / vocalist Sean Sabatini.

“Goodbye Audio” will be available on vinyl from No List RecordsAncient Temple Records and No Why Records. Cassette version from Pink Lemonade and features an exclusive bonus track “Drain The Swamp” only available on that format. Digital download and album pre-order available on TGS’ Bandcamp here.

Music Video “Still Life With Maggots”:

Music Video “You’re Gonna Die (Unsatisfied)”:

Track Listing:
1. Still Life With Maggots (2:06)
2. Dog Years (4:21)
3. Strip Mall or, The Pursuit Of Crappiness Parts 1-4 (3:11)
4. You’re Gonna Die (Unsatisfied) (3:28)
5. Tax Season In Dreamland (4:06)
6. Brute Cortege (3:16)
7. Hand Of Unmaking (14:06)
Album Length: 34:37

Tour Dates:
All dates with Cellos.
** = with Shallow North Dakota
Nov 22 – Ottawa, ON – Pressed – info
Nov 23 – Sherbrooke, QC – Le Murdoch – info
Nov 24 – Montreal, QC – Turbo Haus ** – info